Building a New World Out of the Scraps

February 6, 2016

back the Disney that once was… In our memory banks, we all have a favorite Disney ride or show that has been closed or re-imagined. I’m sure we could create a whole new land with just the discarded pieces. Here is what I would put in my new land: 1. Mr Toad’s Wild Ride – this was a zany slow moving dark ride. Mr Toad was original to the park and closed in 1998. The Winnie the Pooh ride pays homage with the passing of the deed to Owl. My kids loved Mr Toad from the Sing A Long VHS tapes. 2. ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter – this was operational...
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All of my Favorites in Epcot

February 5, 2016

Last month I brought you my favorite things from my favorite park, Magic Kingdom. This month I’m going to tell you my favorite things about Epcot. From attractions to food to all the extras Epcot has to offer. There are two parts to Epcot: World Showcase and Future World. In Future World, you will explore the things that “could be.” And in the World Showcase, visitors can experience 11 countries.   When you walk into the park you enter into Future World, which offers several attractions and a few spots to enjoy some food.  Favorite “Educational” Attraction: Living with the Land. Riders travel through the greenhouses that supply some...
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Just Around the River Bend

February 5, 2016

I’m from Flint, MI.  Unless you’ve been at Walt Disney World, immersed in a world of fantasy for the last month, you know that the water in my hometown has not been safe for consumption for well over a year, since the water source was changed from Lake Huron to the Flint River and back.  My family and I live outside city limits, so our daily routine has not been interrupted much.  During the day, however, we are in the city, for daycare, school and work.  The youngest members of our family have been drinking bottled water at day care for quite some time, since the water fountains have...
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Dinner Reservations for 10 at WDW? Tips and Tricks

February 4, 2016

Dining with a large group at Walt Disney World can be challenging. If you try to get an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) many restaurants will only make a reservation for up to 7. They will allow you to split your group into two tables, but many families want to sit together. Tips For Large Groups First try to make a reservation on-line at If that does not work- Groups of 8 people or more who want to ensure that they sit together can make ADR’s by calling 407-WDW-Dine Request a transfer to “Group Dining”. A group coordinator will help to make reservations so that your entire group can...
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Just the Facts – Disney World’s Monorail

February 4, 2016

The fascination with Monorails began in the 1950’s when Walt Disney brought it to Disneyland. Today, Monorails are used as a form of public transportation around many parts of the world. They are also used to transport travelers at airports and resort guests at Walt Disney World. Many of the Monorails today sit atop a single beam to guide and support the train carriages. The monorail’s wheels straddle the beam that carries the electricity to power the train along the track. They are one of the safest and least noisy forms of transportation. Here are some facts about Walt Disney World’s Monorail system: • The Walt Disney World Monorail...
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If The Shoe Fits, Wear It !

February 3, 2016

By Cathy Leo One of the most amazing ideas the Disney family of creators has accomplished is creating these beautiful shoe ornaments. This first one is my very favorite “Cinderella’s” beautiful shoe. The detail on the shoe is classic. Of course it’s blue like her princess gown. This photo shoes it hanging on my Christmas Tree. It holds a prominent spot on my tree since she is my favorite princess. The next shoe here belongs to the sweet “Snow White”. The beautiful red bow and the red apple give it away as to whom it belongs. Who can ever forget the poison apple that she took a bite of...
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Disney Park Recipe: Flame Tree BBQ Sauce

February 2, 2016
Photo (c)

Location: Flame Tree Barbecue – Animal Kingdom Difficulty Level – Simple as simple can be  Source: I have to admit I was scared to make a BBQ sauce from scratch. It seemed like a lot of ingredients, and that made it feel a little overwhelming. Also, it just seemed easier to run out to the store and buy one. With that being said, I also love bringing a piece of the parks into my home. It makes me feel closer to the them. Once I decided to try it, I realized how incredibly quick and easy it was to make. It also filled my home with this amazing...
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My recent stay at Disney Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

February 1, 2016

                Hello everyone!  My recent stay at Disney Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa was eye opening since the last time I was  there.  My last visit was in 2006, I can say I didn’t have much time to explore then we stayed in The Springs area.  This visit we stayed in The Paddock area, I made sure I got some walking time around the resort.  I learned that my home resort is much larger.  But, if you know your way around you can get to everywhere fairly easy. Our room was a one bedroom suite.  We had a full living room with...
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