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I started my own blog on the Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) in April, 2007 and am really excited about writing my first article for WDW Fan Zone and want to thank Stuart and Lisa for inviting me to be a part of it.


My articles will focus on collecting. I think I always had the ‘collector’ in me, collecting baseball cards and Matchbox cars with my younger brother while growing up. Looking back, we didn’t take a ‘collecting’ approach when doing it but it was something we just enjoyed doing together. Our baseball cards are still all tucked away in shoe boxes at our parent’s home and the Matchbox cars we’ve handed down to his son and our two nephews. It wasn’t until I started collecting the Walt Disney Classics Collection in 1993 that I heard the terms ‘collector,’ ‘collection’ and began to understand what it all meant.

As I was introduced into the ‘collecting world’ and began to meet other collectors, some had so many collections going and ‘stuff’ just everywhere. I thought, I never want to be that ‘type’ of collector. Since I started truly ‘collecting’ in 1993 in addition to WDCC, I also collect the Disney/Pixar diecast cars from Cars (reminds me of those fun years collecting Matchbox with my brother) and the recent craze, Vinylmation. Did I not become that type of collector I feared I might become? I think overall I did pretty good. I have a modest collection of all three but kept focused, had a ‘plan’ and kept my collections to releases that hit a sentimental and/or emotional chord with my family and myself.

Some Guidelines

When an item is ‘new’ and ‘hot’ it tends to be overproduced, variation upon variation is released. It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘wanting to have it all’ without thinking where and how will I display all this? All of a sudden you have boxes everywhere, limited space to display and a vast majority stay within their boxes, tucked away in a closet. Sometimes it has gotten so out of hand for some collectors, they’ve actually rented storage units to contain what they can no longer store at home.

If I can offer one ‘rule of thumb’ it’s to only collect what you truly like. So many easily get caught up in the ‘hype’ and you end up with ‘stuff’ that has no sentimental or emotional attachment and many times you’re left scratching your head why? Two simple words .. Stay Focused! Have a theme, stick to a certain film and/or character.

Until next time .. Happy Collecting!

Don is a DVC member who tries to visit the parks at least twice a year. You can read more about Disney collectibles on his blog, Duckman’s Blog.

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  • April 30, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    Hi Don. Just found your article as I was completing mine for Stuart. I write on a variety of subjects but my current one is on collecting Disney also. It is just an overview of what is out there to collect and is not meant to be comprehensive. I look forward to your other articles.


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