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We’ve found a unique Disney site that helps bring the Disney magic into your everyday in between visits. Please welcome Randy to the Spotlight Zone as he tells you more.

By: Randy Reighard

Welcome one and all to this ‘Magical’ place!

I know many of you have never heard of this and this is your first time being introduced to it. As many magical memories of finding a Disney fan-based website, it’s quite magical and you’ll know you’re hooked!

Themagical (one word no space) is like a different kind of Disney – Fan based website that you may not have seen on the internet. A recent viewer made a great comment about our website: “Lots of sites call themselves magical. Most are mundane-ical. (That’s not a word, is it?) I found a site that calls itself magical, literally. And it is! It has no articles, no trip reports, and no database of Disney data. It doesn’t need them. Because what it does have is simulations of Disney thrill rides.” – Bob McLain

Disney Simulations??? First, let’s describe what a “Simulation” is so you can understand better. “Simulation”: (noun) 1. Imitation or enactment, as of something anticipated or in testing. 2. The representation of the behavior or characteristics of one system through the use of another system, especially a computer program designed for the purpose. – for definitions reference.

If you remember the 1998 PC game “Roller Coaster Tycoon®”, it’s similar on that type of experience. This type of simulation experience that we present at ‘Themagical’ is where you become a virtual Disney cast member and control your favorite Disney ride attraction.

Simulations that have been developed at Themagical



Looking from a 2D bird’s eye view perspective, you’ll see how the ride layout is and with a control panel to control the ‘magic’ of the ride attraction.

Controlling the Magic: You are in Control!

With the help of pixie dust to make these simulations come to life, it’s up to you to help out to bring the attraction to life! Imagine the time you were at the Disney Parks and how you experienced it as a guest there? Ever wondered how they make it work?

If you ask any Disney Imagineer will tell you that it ‘runs on magic’. But with this online experience, you’ll get behind the scenes of how the attraction works and as well to have virtual people enter the attraction to experience the ride!

It’s now your turn to be a Disney cast member where you’ll be earning your ears sort of speak.

Timed or Unlimited Mode:

From the start of the game loading in your internet browser, you’ll have the choice of running in a “timed mode” where you earn a high score at the end and then later post it on Themagical’s main website for all to see and envy you (LOL; just kidding, just kidding but maybe). If you want to save your high score, you must have an account with Themagical in order to save your score.

There’s also the “unlimited mode”. This is where you aren’t racing against the virtual clock. You still get a high score in the game but you won’t be able to save it since it’s not in the ‘timed mode’. I recommend this for the first time users. This will allow the users to get the feel of how to control the simulations. No pressure of time, which allows you to figure the action what it takes to run the attraction.

Why Themagical?

For something that’s an online game on the internet, you become addicted!! It will bring you memories of your own personal experience while you were at the Disney Parks and now you have the magic on your side to control the experience.

This isn’t like the other websites out there that kinda have some of the same feel like the others. We on the other hand, we specialize on our simulations and it’s what brings the traffic to our website.
We know you’ll agree with us that our website is quite different from the rest but you’ll have a great time reliving your memories, experiences from the parks, and as well controlling your favorite Disney ride attraction online.

“It’s the enjoyment and excitement of controlling your favorite Disney ride in the comfort of your own home without waiting in the lines to play.”


Martijn Leseman (left) and Randy Reighard

December 1, 2000 Martijn Leseman (The webmaster/founder of the site) wanted to show the community his abilities to bring Disney ride attractions online. Through the software of Adobe Flash, he created the 4 Disney simulations: Tower Of Terror, Space Mountain, Phantom Manor, and Big Thunder Mountain. Later addition to the team was Randy Reighard (aka Reighard/Randydorney) help out the webmaster as a college requirement to help others with their graphic work. From the conclusion of college, the webmaster made Randy Reighard to be officially part of the Simulation Development Team and Administrator of the website. With his help it made the simulation development process decrease in time of creation to publishing it online. He brought and helps create the two new simulation additions: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Play It!, Expedition Everest and as well future upcoming simulations.

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