What Disney Attraction Best Describes Your Personality?

This past week I was relaxing in my family room with my wife watching my favorite TV show, The Big Bang Theory when I got the idea for this article. I raced into our kitchen grabbed a napkin, a pen and quickly wrote it down. Then I raced back to watch the rest of the show.

After The Big Bang Theory episode ended I looked at the napkin and realized I scribbled down my idea so quickly that I couldn’t read my own handwriting. It’s a good thing I remembered what my idea was so, I turned to my wife and asked, what Disney attraction do you think best describes my personality? I knew she would know the answer and sure enough she did, Spaceship Earth. Then I asked her why? She said it’s because I’m always thinking of the future. While that is true, I am always planning for the future I expected her to say something else. I thought she would say Spaceship Earth because it’s a mellow and relaxing ride and I’m very laid back and reserved. I also think Spaceship Earth best describes my personality because I have always enjoyed learning about world history. I believe past history makes us what we are today so we may move forward to build a better tomorrow.

Now, my wife wanted to know what Disney attraction I thought best describes her personality. I thought about this for quite some time and I couldn’t come up with anything that I thought was a good fit. So, I asked her to tell me which attraction best fits her personality. At first she didn’t have an answer but, after thinking about it for a moment my wife blurted out “The Great Movie Ride!” I said, “I could definitely see that. One minute you’re singing in the rain and the next minute you’re turning into an alien.”  We both laughed. However, my wife has a really good reason for picking The Great Movie Ride. My wife admits she has a very complex personality and The Great Movie Ride scenes have all these different elements that portray different persona and emotions. The attraction takes you from a light hearted scene in Mary Poppins to a dark shady scene from Public Enemy and on to a scene that spotlights the great western films with John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Other scenes are from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tarzan, Casablanca, Fantasia, and the Wizard of Oz. I can definitely see how my wife can relate her complex personality to The Great Movie Ride but, I wouldn’t want her to be any other way.

I decided to ask some twitter friends if they were interested in briefly answering the question in one or two sentences and everyone provided great responses.

What Disney attraction do you think best describes my personality?

@mteexox – Mary Tomkins wrote: Journey Into Imagination definitely fits my personality because I’m always dreaming of what’s next, I love bright colors, and I think imagination just encompasses everything that could ever be creative!

@timweston – Tim Weston wrote: The Disney attraction that best describes my personality is Jungle Cruise – we both have a dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

@UMWDW – Bruce G. wrote: The Disney Attraction that best Describes my Personality is The Jungle Cruise. It is a relaxing fun trip that is corny.

@mousemisers wrote: TTA – Laid back and easy going. At one time an optimistic vision of the future, now, more of a cheesy example of what could have been.

@MatrickTravel – Andria Matrick wrote: Soarin because of that uplifting positive feeling it gives you.

@yaellegirl – Yaelle Sajkowicz wrote: The attraction that best describes my personality is Toy Story Mania. Like me it is playful, colorful, and fun and each time you experience it you may discover something new.

@ArmywifeJulie wrote: I would have to say I am like Splash Mountain because sometimes I can be mellow and carefree and other times not so much.

I want to thank everyone who responded for taking the time to answer the question. I really and truly appreciate your participation.

I would love to get your response to the question so, if your interested please send your answer to comments@wdwfanzone.com.

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One thought on “What Disney Attraction Best Describes Your Personality?

  • April 12, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    I would say the ride that best describes me is TestTrack. No how many twist and turns my life takes I am on the fast track and taking life full speed ahead!


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