Zone In & Shout Out: Disney Excuses

April 1, 2011

Our Disney fans are the sources for information and we want to hear your thoughts in our Zone In & Shout Out feature! As Disney fans, we’re already planning our next trip before we board our flight home from MCO. Sometimes, though, it takes a little creativity to convince our family and friends why we need another Mickey fix.

We asked, “What’s your best ‘excuse’ to plan another Disney vacation?” and here are some of our favorite “excuses” from WDW Fan Zone readers.

  • My daughter had another birthday. She can’t have more birthdays then Disney trips – I won’t allow it! She is 11 and trip 11 is in June (BOGP cruise). Julie, OH
  • My best excuse to plan a a Disney vacation is plain and simple – my love for my happiest place on earth. I live all there is at Disney. The beauty of the resorts & parks. The excitement everywhere of all the guests including myself walking into each park. Because it always fells like returning home! Darlene, NY
  • My best excuse(s)-
    1. It’s been 6 months since we were there last.
    2. The anniversary of our first date.
    3. I want to go before I get pregnant.
    4. They offer free dining and it’s value season.
    :) Beth, AL
  • Discounts! Cassidy, Georgia
  • ..My best excuse (that I use to plan my yearly trips to WDW) is that as a busy ‘stay @ home mom & housewife’ I feel that that is reason enough. WDW is the one place that I always feel ‘at home’ & at total peace. I can re-charge & de-stess before going back to reality. It’s worked for the last 7 years so far!! :) Julie, Maine

Thanks to everyone who entered the Zone and shared their best “excuses” to plan their next Disney vacation!

Next up for Zone In & Shout Out is “The theme of a Walt Disney World ‘fifth’ gate should be…” Let us know what you think!

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