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I think it’s only natural for all of us Disney fans to imagine the things we would like to see in the parks and on property  whether it’s a new attraction or a new dining experience.

Just this past week, I had a conversation with my wife about our growing up in New York City. We had the good fortune of having so many different restaurants serving every type of cuisine you could possibly imagine practically at our fingertips. Living in the Jersey suburbs we don’t have as many choices and while the food for the most part is good it is not near the quality of the restaurants in New York City. So, whenever I go to Disney I savor the food from their incredible world class restaurants.

Though I haven’t lived in New York City for many years I still miss their pizza and bagels. Yet, there is something else I miss even more and I wish Disney had a dining experience like it on property. There was this kosher deli within walking distance of my house that had the most amazing hot pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. The sandwiches were so big that it took two hands to pick up a half and you had better open wide or you wouldn’t be able to bite into it. The sandwiches came on your choice of rye bread, corn bread, pumpernickel, or a kaiser roll. They also had amazing potato kinishes. Not the square kind that people have been passing off as a potato kinish but the round ones that are a meal by themselves. Whenever I ate at this deli I would always order their stuffed derma which is a mixture of meats, grains, and chicken fat in a beef casing although many places are now using a synthetic casing. While not the healthiest of foods it is delicious. Also, nothing beat their grilled kosher hot dogs and every meal included a kosher pickle on the side. If you wanted soda you had a choice of a can or a bottle. There was no soda fountain or free refills and while the restaurant carried different brands of soda the popular choice was Dr. Browns and the flavors they had to choose from were cream, cel-ray, and my favorite black cherry.

I still have vivid memories of the restaurant. I remember going there as a child with my family and later on with my friends. I’ll never forget the small size of the tables and how many people they tried to squeeze into the restaurant. There was no such thing as elbow room in this place and there was barely any room in the aisles for the waiters to pass and people to walk by. I remember the restaurant having very simple décor  but it seemed just right for the place. The food cooking in the deli also gave it a wonderful and very distinct aroma.

Downtown Disney has Earl of Sandwich which is one of my favorite eateries there but no matter how you slice it (no pun intended) it’s not a kosher deli. I would love to see Disney design a kosher deli or a kosher style deli just like the one I remember. I think a kosher deli would fit in nicely in any of the theme parks. It would give guests another choice and perhaps introduce many to this fine fare for the very first time.

Now it’s your turn to take a few minutes and pretend you’re a Disney imagineer who has been given a green light to develop and construct a brand new dining experience in any of the Walt Disney World theme parks. What kind of restaurant would it be and which park would you put it in?


Stuart Sternberg is the co-creator of  WDW Fan Zone you can find and follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/DisneyGeekDad.

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Stuart Sternberg

Stuart Sternberg is the founder of WDW Fan Zone. Born and raised in New York City but New Jersey has been home for several years. A devoted husband and proud father of two amazing children. A huge fan of Walt Disney World and Bruce Springsteen. A die hard Yankee, Jet, Knick, and New York Ranger fan. His motto is "all Disney all the time." Always willing to lend a helping hand to friends and family whenever needed. Stuart’s writing career began with his own blog, disneygeekdad.blogspot.com. Stuart is also the host of the weekly WDW Fan Zone Show. You can find and follow Stuart on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/wdwfanzonestu. Stuart is also on Facebook and Google +.

2 thoughts on “Disney Dining Design Wish

  • May 31, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    Mmmm! Delicious food for thought! (Ba-dum-bum!)
    Seriously, I could really go for a kosher-style deli sandwich shop at WDW. Perhaps in the Studios… couldn’t they squeeze one into the Streets of America set??

  • May 31, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    What a fun idea!! I love trying new things at Disney that we can’t get at home. I wish more places inside Disney offered a sampling of their menu so you’re able to try more of the tasty offerings.


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