Podcast Spotlight: MouseStation

May 26, 2011

As I listen to the MouseStation podcast, I always seem to be left with thoughts that make me go “hmmm, I hadn’t considered that subject that way before”. According to iTunes ‘the MouseStation is high in orbit around MousePlanet’. Which is a catchy phrase referencing one of my and yours-for sure top websites bookmarked for Disney. Every Monday, Mouseplanet has their Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Updates, with concise overviews of the week’s top stories, closures, construction updates, crowd updates and even discounts and promotions. With this support, you can imagine that the MouseStation has all the necessary tools to make an informed podcast. With Mark Goldhaber editor and staff member of MousePlanet and former Disney Cast Member Mike Demopoulos at the helm, this outpost is staffed by competent operators. In the past we got a look inside with the lost segment ‘Around the Station’ a funny listener inspired comic taking the orbiting outpost theme to the extreme.

But I mentioned this podcast expanded my view of various Disney topics. Never was that thought more true than when the fatal Monorail accident happened in 2009. The MouseStation had thorough coverage of the accident undoubtedly using multiple reporting agencies, providing the clearest picture of what happened. While others reported on the incident, they delved into reconstructing the crash, looking at the track layout, switching procedures and the MAPO collision system. And I guess that what makes Mike and Mark stand out is their interest in the details. Not the features like who are all the names on the windows of Main St, but the operational, financial, and logistical behind the scenes details that only Cast Members or those keeping a close eye on the pulse of the Disney Company can perceive. This is evident even right now as they are running a series where they compare and contrast each attraction Disneyland verses Walt Disney World, noting the better attraction. While some would compare the headline attractions exclusively, they discuss the minor diversions like the shooting galleries or Space Mountain arcades. And surprisingly this very comparison is slim on the ‘home park’ biases so common in many podcasts.

Over the years the MouseStation has tweaked its schedule and features. It originated as an entirely different podcast called Magical Moment Podcast. This focused on recalling the core foundations of our collective love for Disney. Since then, Mark and Mike have broadened their focus and topics discussed. At one point I think there was as many as 4 podcasts released each week with news and various segments. And then seemingly it was gone. The feed was collecting cobwebs, with a sizable hole remaining in the Disney podcasting community. So it was with great excitement to see recent activity to this feed once again, even if it’s only bi-weekly. But this allows them to cover the few subjects they dwell on more fully.

But any talk about this cast would be incomplete without referencing ‘the Kid.’ So often as Disney fans, we have a Fan Boy or a Disney Fundamentalist view of the company. It is so refreshing to hear from the true fans of the parks, our children. Some of the memories that I smile at include ‘Ask the Kid’ with his wide eyed view and true Blue Sky ideas for our favorite brand.

So, if you are looking for an informed podcast spattered with some humor, fresh ideas and magical moments give MouseStation a try. While you’re at it, why not chime in on the longstanding Simba vs Nemo debate.

If you are looking to visit this MouseStation Outpost, you might start with these episodes:

Episode #101, #202, #303 #404 based on the CM term for an attraction breakdown, 101 and multiples of this number has led to some of their most creative skits. Sure, here is an opportunity to showcase their bloopers, but they were not content to stop there. One even features a takeoff on Phineas and Ferb.

Episode #336 Theme Park Etiquette-You will be bobbing your head in agreement as these delicate yet annoying scenes that destroy the magic are considered. Or as I realized, I could better others experience with a little consideration on my part.

Episode #403 A tribute to Eddie Carroll-As a regular guest on the podcast, Eddie made an impact on the entire team. Steven Ng contributed a lost interview and feelings at the loss of this important voice talent.

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One Response to Podcast Spotlight: MouseStation

  1. Stuart Sternberg on May 26, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    This is the first time I recall commenting on one of our columnist’s articles on the site. I haven’t done this before because I don’t believe it would be fair to comment here on one of our writer’s articles and not another. I am making an exception this time because the MouseStation Podcast has always been one of my very favorite shows and I consider Mark and Mike friends.

    Shawn, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job reviewing the MouseStation Podcast. Your article is simply brilliant. Speaking of brilliant, Mark Goldhaber possesses one of the brightest minds of anyone around. He is also someone who goes to great lengths and gives so much of his time to the Disney Community. I hope more people discover the show and I hope it stays around for many years to come.

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