Views from the Zone: Mother’s Day at Walt Disney World

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On any given day everyone going to Walt Disney World gets to be a kid again but, there’s one day in May that moms don’t want to be a kid again. On Mother’s Day moms want to feel like a mom. So in this edition of Views From The Zone we asked some very special moms to tell us what would make Mother’s Day magical for them.

Lisa has three sons, a twenty-one year old, a five-year old, and a two-year old. Kathy is the mother of two children, a 14 year old daughter and a thirteen year old son. Mary Jo Collins is the mother of a wonderful 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son. Nancy has a beautiful college-age daughter.

Where’s the perfect Walt Disney World resort to stay at for YOUR day, Mother’s Day?

Lisa: Bay Lake Tower – Theme Park View, of course. We’ve never stayed in the Tower and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to try it!

Kathy: I love trying new resorts at Walt Disney World and one that I have yet to experience is the Polynesian Resort… a room with a gorgeous Lagoon view, of course!

Mary Jo: For Mother’s Day, I would love to stay in a Savannah View room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Relaxing with a drink while watching the animals sounds like a perfect way to unwind.

Nancy: Any time some one asks me what my favorite Disney World resort is, I always have such a huge problem answering this question, because I love so many of the resorts for different reasons and at different times. I guess, if I get my pick of where to stay for Mother’s Day, it would be Boardwalk, Yacht or Beach Club, because of the location. Food would be a big part of my day…and there are so many great options of where to eat in this area. Plus, there are some really nice places in this area to relax…which is also a big part of Mother’s Day for me. 🙂

Money is no object and you get to pick your Mother’s Day dining experience at Walt Disney World for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What are your dining choices going to be?

Lisa: Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s because seeing my kids interact with their Disney friends would be the way to start my day. Lunch would have to be Liberty Tree Tavern because it’s a family tradition. Dinner would be at California Grill and the evening would be topped off with a view of the Wishes fireworks.

Kathy: Breakfast: The buffet at Crystal Palace with Pooh Bear and Friends. Love it!

Lunch: In place of lunch, I would really like to have afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian.

Dinner: I’ve always wanted to have dinner at the Contemporary Resort’s California Grill, with a view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks for dessert!

Mary Jo: On Mother’s Day, I would love to revisit some of my favorite dining experiences from past trips with my kids. For breakfast, I will treat myself to  ‘Ohanas. The pineapple bread is pure carb heaven. For lunch, the kids and I will snack around Walt Disney World. Turkey Legs, Carrot Cake Cookie, Animal Kingdom Egg rolls, and Karmel Kuche Caramel Corn will all be sampled. Finally, for dinner we will head over to the California Grill for some sushi and fireworks viewing.

Nancy: Oh my goodness, I think I have just died and gone to heaven! 🙂 OK, well I am staying near Epcot, so I think strolling over to Epcot to do the Princess Storybook Breakfast would be a fun way to start the day: I have never done this, but I think on Mother’s Day, we’re all princesses, aren’t we? We should all hang out together. For lunch…..hmmm…..maybe take the boat over to Hollywood Studios to eat at Hollywood Brown Derby. Dinner will also be something I haven’t done yet but really want to: Hacienda de San Angel…timed with Illuminations of course.

It’s Mother’s Day so you get to pick the touring plan. How will you plan your day?

Lisa: Magic Kingdom with a guilt-free nap midday while my husband takes the kids out somewhere. Epcot is my favorite park but I have little ones so a Disney World vacation is still about them (with the exception of my well-deserved nap :)), even if it is Mother’s Day.

Kathy: I would definitely want to spend the day at my favorite park, the Magic Kingdom, and the evening relaxing at the resort with my family!

Mary Jo: My children are just like me when it comes to park touring. The more we see in one day the better. One of times I have felt the closest to my children was last October when we attempted the Ultimate Touring Plan from We laughed, walked quickly, enjoyed the attraction over and over again that day. For that reason, if I could pick any touring plan for Mother’s Day to do with my children, it would be the Ultimate Touring Plan. I want them to always remember their mom as fun, loving and maybe a little bit crazy.

Nancy: Well, I think I have already shared that, as my day is clearly centered around where to eat! But around those fabulous meals would be a day spent mostly at Epcot. After our Princess breakfast, I would ride all my favorites in Future World (all mothers automatically get FastPasses for everything, right?) in the morning. Then take the boat over to Hollywood Studios for lunch, shop a bit, then head back to our resort for a GREAT nap by the pool (because the weather is also perfect for Mother’s Day too, right?). Then for the evening, it is strolling around World Showcase, ending with Illuminations.

If you could have a “Mother’s Day Magical Moment” at Walt Disney World it would be…

Lisa: Dinner at Victoria and Albert’s Chef Table. Let’s see… my husband doesn’t like to dress up for dinner, surprise menus, or long-drawn out affairs. I, on the other hand, would love to eat at a five-star restaurant and experience expertly prepared food so it really would be a magical moment to eat there.

Kathy: A long, luxurious soak in the royal bathtub inside Cinderella’s Castle Suite!

Mary Jo: If any Magical Moment could be mine, without a doubt I would wish to be swept away to the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite for the night. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Nancy: The smiling and laughter that I would be able to share with my family at Disney World would be the best possible Mother’s Day Magical Moment.

What’s the one Walt Disney World souvenir you would love your husband and/or kids to give you on Mother’s Day without having to drop hints?

Lisa: It’s a little more than a souvenir but….a professional family portrait taken by a PhotoPass photographer. And yes, I’ve dropped hints that I would like a family portrait for Mother’s Day, but never for one taken at Walt Disney World so the hints don’t count ;).

Kathy: Hmm… Would the addition of a hundred-or-so Disney Vacation Club points count as a souvenir?

Mary Jo: Anything that my children pick out for me is always special. However, if they just happen to read this and need some help with that pick, I would love to have the book Walt Disney Imagineering, A Behind the Dreams Look at Making More Magic Real.

Nancy: A reservation for a spa treatment. While I would clearly have a very busy day at Disney World at the parks….I am pretty sure I could work it into my day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful Disney friends!

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  • May 11, 2011 at 10:22 AM

    Such wisdom from four of my favorite Disney Moms. This is a cleverly-conceived and enjoyable article, Lisa. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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