Disney World Guest Park Perks – Part II

Several years ago Disney introduced the park perks as a way to keep resort guests on property. I am a huge fan of the park perks and I can’t see myself vacationing at Walt Disney World without staying on property. Being on property 24/7 allows you to totally immerse yourself in the Disney experience. Spending a day in a park is always a very magical event but, I would think for those staying off property there must be a little bit of a letdown as you drive away from Disney World. Whereas guests staying at a Disney resort are experiencing the magic from the moment they arrive at Disney World until the moment their vacation is over and it’s time to go home.

Last week I wrote about the perks you receive as an on property guest vacationing at one of Walt Disney World’s wonderful resorts. This week I’m going to mention a few Disney World park perk possibilities that perhaps someday could be added to the list in one form or another.

  • The ability to get a fast pass sent directly to your cell phone. This is a rumor I heard sometime ago that would give Disney resort guests the first chance at attraction fast passes. The rumor as I recall it would give those staying at a deluxe resort the first opportunity to get a fast pass for an attraction. While I do believe the day is coming when you will be able to get a fast pass to sent right to your cell phone or maybe some other enhanced version of one I don’t believe Disney would give preferential treatment to deluxe resort guests over moderate or budget resort guests.
  • Free internet access for all Disney resort guests. Right now Disney offers resort guests a full 24 hours of internet access through a service provider for $9.95. Do I think Disney will ever offer all their resort guests free internet access? It is possible Disney could somehow incorporate the price for internet access into the cost off the room and make it a free service but, I think its more than likely things will remain the same for the foreseeable future. However, I do think you will see an expansion of available free Wi Fi service in public areas on Disney property.
  • Advance Dining Reservations or “ADR’s” can be made by anyone at most Disney World sit down restaurants 180 days in advance. At one time ADR’s could only be made by Disney World resort guests. I’m not suggesting that Disney once again make ADR’s available only to Disney World resort guests but I am suggesting Disney give their on property guests a little advantage. With the huge popularity of the Disney Dining Plan I would like to see Disney give their resort guests, DVC members, and annual pass holders a 10 day window to make ADR’s before they become available to everyone else.

Please send in your comments and let me know if you have suggestions or heard about possible additions or changes to the Disney World park perks.

Zone Notes:

After writing my article last week I learned of a change coming to the 2012 Disney Dining Plan. The Counter Service Plan will only include one snack per day. Currently the Counter Service plan offers two snacks per day. Also in 2012, all the Disney Dining Plans will include a refillable resort mug as part of the plan.

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One thought on “Disney World Guest Park Perks – Part II

  • June 21, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    These are great suggestions. I would love to have Fastpasses with the option to have it sent to your phone! How easy would that be to keep track of?

    If they don’t offer free wi-fi in the rooms, it would be great if they could offer it in public areas at resorts and definitely the parks!


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