Disneyland Here we come!

The Disney Vacation Club released its new image/ logo just recently. I really liked the old image, the waves on the sea as the mouse-eared sun is coming from behind the mountains. I liked the colors I liked the shape (it is kind of oblong) I liked it. The New Logo pictured here (borrowed from the Disney parks Blog) shows the World encased with the Ears that are so familiar to so many.  According to the Disney Parks Blog “the new logo represents an ongoing commitment to helping families expand their vacation horizons and travel in ways they never dreamed possible.”

I think we’re going to take them up on that offer, in the next year or so. As I said a few weeks back, “Another Perk for Disney Vacation Club Members, who purchase directly from Disney, is that they can enjoy the Disney Collection of vacation choices. The Disney Collection allows you to stay at Disney Resorts all over the world; including at the Disneyland Hotel.” I’m thinking that when Cars Land opens next summer, we’d like to go and see it, along with all the rest of the Disneyland Resort.


As Disney Vacation Club Members, we would be able to use our vacation points to stay at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel as well as the Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. The latter is considered a Disney Vacation Club Resort and can be rented weekly, just like the Vacation Club Resorts in Disney World.

 One thing I have noticed though is that staying at in the California Resorts will cost us more points than if we stay in most of the Resorts at Walt Disney World. The good thing about this is that every year, we get our allotment of Vacation Points and we can “Bank” or “Borrow” points as needed. This year for example we have 148 points that we have not used. This means we can put them into savings or “Bank” them for use next year. Whenever we stayed in Saratoga Springs with our friends last year, we had “Borrowed” points from this year so that we had enough to get both families a room.

When we go to Disneyland, we will have to use both “Banked” points and we will have to “Borrow” a few from the next year. That is another wonderful thing about the Disney Vacation Club, the Flexibility to not only travel when we want, but the Flexibility to use our points how and where we want. As I start thinking more about a trip to California, My planning will take some time, since we have never been to Disneyland, but with our lodging basically taken care of, I will just have to worry about airfare and getting a FastPass for Cars Land.

Picture of the Disneyland Hotel from Days in the Park;  a great resource for Disneyland information.

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