Finding the Perfect Curio for your Disney Collectibles

Part of collecting is how is the best way to display your collectibles and finding the perfect display cabinet.

With a small, modest collection you might start with a small cabinet that is just enough to start but it doesn’t take long before you begin to run out of space and you begin to question that choice you made on your first cabinet.   Trust me, been there, done that!

Over the years, I found the best thing to keep in mind when selecting a display cabinet is something that will give you the maximum space (at least 6-7 shelves) and maximum display area.  Unless you have your cabinet custom made, based on what is available, I found the corner curio gives you the maximum display area plus more freedom in getting creative with your displays, giving you some depth perception.

What happens when you have the perfect spot for a cabinet but all your online searches come up with something that is too wide?  I was faced with that recent dilemma, so went the route of having one custom made and am very fortunate living nearby to the Amish community who are such skilled craftsmen and regardless of your size constraints, they can build you exactly what you need!

Did my homework, knew exactly the measurements I needed … wanted something slightly higher than the average curio to ensure 6 vs. 5 shelves (ordered a 7th shelf just in case) and since depth wasn’t an issue, went slightly deeper than the stock models.   Once all the measurements were taken care of, then it was picking out the type of glass, molding, stain coloring and hardware.  Within six weeks, my new curio (pictured above was delivered!

Now the fun part begun!  Going into the attic and pulling those favorite pieces you didn’t have room for but knew some day you were going to get them on display .. Beast from Beauty and the Beast (pictured at right), Elliott from Pete’s Dragon and the Milkweed Ballerinas from Fantasia were high priorities to ‘free’ from their green boxes and happy to report was able to do just that!

Even though you go over and over it in your head and you think you have each shelf perfectly planned, it is not until the curio is actually in place do you know which pieces will actually make their way into it, what possibly might be ‘swapped’ out with something else in another curio.

It’s all about presentation, what looks good to the eye, maximizing the space you have and the careful handling of the pieces as you move them from cabinet to cabinet until everything looks exactly right!

I’ve been collecting the Walt Disney Classics Collection since the charter year (1992).  Not only collecting the line has been a great journey but also finding the best way to display them and enjoy them.

The wall that I put this new curio on (pictured at left), has always been in the back of mind the perfect spot for one and am glad to finally make that idea a reality after 9 years!  It’s hard to believe I’ve been mulling over that idea for that many years!

It fits perfectly, far exceeds how I was picturing the end result and has even given me some space yet as I anticipate upcoming releases in the collection for Summer/Fall 2011 🙂




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