Preserving Disney Magic


The next best thing to being at Disney world is reminiscing about the memories you’ve made there. That excellent meal you had with friends at ‘Ohana. The time you rode Everest 8 times consecutively because there was no line. The memory of your nephew’s gleeful face on the Magic Carpets. The sound of your friends cheering for you as you ran past them during the Walt Disney World marathon. [Insert your memories here] I could go on but you get the hint. We go back again and again because of the excellent time we had. Same place, new memories.

This seems like a fitting time to talk about how we save our Disney memories seeing that “Let the Memories Begin” is the theme around the parks this year. So how do you remember your daughter’s first walk down Main Street? Or your first time seeing Illuminations?

I used to be huge into scrapbooking. I love arts & crafts and this was a way for me to create art and keep memories alive. I would select colors and design themes of paper, stickers and embellishments that enhanced the pictures I was working with. I would write journal entries next to pictures to remember the stories and details that went with them. A hundred bottles of Elmer’s and few years later I have 20 plus bulky books in the corner of my room. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun to look at.. but if I kept going at the rate I was I’d have to dig a cellar to store these books of times past.

I’m in a transitional state, I guess, trying to figure out the best way to save and organize pictures and videos.

How do you preserve your memories?

Scrapbooks? Flickr? Home videos? Pictures in frames?

One of my new favorite things to do with my Disney pictures is use the Instagram app on my iPhone to alter them. Below is a picture edited using the program. You can choose the focus of the photo and apply different filters to change the color. This can really enhance the memory you are trying to preserve. For example, the focus in this picture is on me and my little nephew. That’s what I want to remember here. The filter I used drowns the color out so we pop out. I still have to find a home for these photos eventually..

What is your current method of saving, editing and/or sharing your magical memories?

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3 thoughts on “Preserving Disney Magic

  • August 8, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    I preserve my Disney memories in pictures to cd/dvd, pictures to scrapbooking & we take some video. These are great reference tools for us for future trips! I also post some to Facebook!

  • August 9, 2011 at 8:31 AM

    I’m a scrapbooker too but I’m pretty far behind right now 🙂 I love having a digital frame that I can put some of my favorite pictures in right after the trip to share without a lot of work.


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