Dealing With A Disney World Refurb

One of the things I love about Walt Disney World is that it is forever changing and improving to give us new experiences even on some of the very old but truly classic attractions. Disney does a masterful job maintaining the property so we as guests will always have the perception that we are stepping into a relatively new theme park. I still find it hard to believe that on October 1st the Magic Kingdom will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. The theme park has retained its beauty and preserved its magnificence from opening day to the present.

No matter how long it has been between trips to Disney World the parks never seem to age. So, whenever I’m at Disney World I believe I have been transported to the time and destination where the imagineers intended us to be. I become totally immersed in my surroundings and I look forward to creating new adventures. Yet, I still make sure I have time for all my favorite attractions that I have longed to experience again.

For some of us it’s not easy to go to Disney World often or for that matter every year. If you are one of those people how would you feel if on your next visit one of your very favorite attractions was going to be closed to undergo a refurbishment? Would you change your plans to an earlier or later date or would you go anyway and make the best of it? How would you feel if you were “the” one person who didn’t get the memo and you didn’t find out your favorite attraction was closed for refurbishment until you got to the parks?

There are precautions you can take to reduce the odds of being at Disney World while a favorite attraction is undergoing a refurbishment. However, there’s a price to pay for reducing your odds. Unless it’s an attraction undergoing an extended refurb like the one Space Mountain went through not too long ago, you can pretty much guarantee that every major attraction will be operating normally during the summer. The downside to that are very crowded parks and higher resort rates. If you were to visit Disney in January (other than a holiday weekend) you would see lighter crowds but chances are greater that attractions will be closed for refurbishment.

Other precautions you can take is keeping your eyes and ears open while planning your next Disney World vacation for attraction refurbishments and closings. Perhaps the very best source of Disney World information can be found on the great Deb Wills site, AllEars. A couple of other excellent sources for park information comes from Rikki Niblett the uber talented co-host of the BeOurGuestPodcast, as well as, extremely gifted  WDW Fan Zone columnist, and  creator of the amazing blog, It’s A Disney World After All. Another great source for information comes from one of the brightest minds you’ll ever come across in the Disney community, Mark Goldhaber co-host of the MouseStation Podcast. Mark also does an extraordinary and comprehensive weekly WDW Park Update for MousePlanet.

So what should you do? The answer, go to Disney World when you want to go. Don’t worry about park refurbishments. I know it may be upsetting for a favorite attraction of yours to be down during your Disney World stay but it is one attraction! Disney doesn’t typically refurb many attractions at the same time especially in the same park. With all the great attractions Disney World has to offer I bet once you start touring the parks you won’t even miss the attraction. The best part will be that following your current vacation you’ll have something special to look forward to on your next Disney World trip. Maybe you’ll like the attraction even more after it has undergone the refurbishment.

Stuart Sternberg is the co-creator and part owner of WDW Fan Zone you can find and follow him on twitter @disneygeekdad.

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