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As I sit and write this post I am counting down the hours to my WDW vacation. FYI it’s 14 hours until my flight from London and I can’t be more excited. I’m sure many of you have had restless nights thinking about the happiest place on earth the night before you go. Thanks to DVC I am staying at the glorious Bay Lake Tower, then a 4-night Cruise on the Dream then a few nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge!!

Anyway speaking of Animal Kingdom this is ALWAYS the first park I go to when I go down. I don’t know why but it just happens.

Animal Kingdom has such great theming and there’s just way to many details for me to mention. This month’s post shows that everything has a reason for being there and has a story behind it.

I’m talking about the Fastpass building for Kali River Rapids.

Kali River Rapids Fastpass building

I know what you are thinking right, it’s just a building. Well not in Disney World, the Imagineers have to immerse you in the story.

As the design for Kali River Rapids Fastpass structure was developed , the Imagineers created a story for the place to have an identity for the individual who would “live” in this loft.

Concept art by Alex Wright

The building is supposed to be located as the last outpost one encounters before setting out on a trek. The Fastpass machines are dressed to serve as podiums where one might stop to have their paper’s reviewed and stamped.

The person who mans this station is envisioned as an entrepreneurial sort who has devised every which way he can think of to make money from people heading out on excursions. Among the items we find are a bicycle repair stand, a supply of any kind of gear you could need and provisions of all sorts for sale to keep you well stocked on your journey.

Don’t forget to stock up on your supplies for your next adventure down Kali River Rapids. You never know what you might need.Remember everything has a reason to be there you just need to look a little to find the answers.

Next month I will have lots of updates from my trip and share with you some new details with you! Follow me on Twitter @detailsofdisney


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