Top 10 Tips On How Lou Mongello Can Survive His 40 Hour Live Show

The Disney community is comprised of so many great people but none perhaps as remarkable as Louis A. Mongello whose contributions go well beyond the Disney community. One of the many wonderful things Lou has done is his founding of the Dream Team Project, a charity that helps make the wishes of very ill children to go to Disney World come true.

For those of you who have gotten to meet or know Lou, then you know he is not the tallest person around but he has a heart the size of Mount Everest. Like no one else, Lou keeps his Disney passion alive by finding new ways to keep our Disney passion alive. Some of the things Lou has done for us include The Walt Disney World Trivia Books, the Audio Guides To Walt Disney World, Celebrations Magazine, the award winning WDW Radio Show, the live WDW NewsCast and Chat, The WDW Radio App, the WDW Trivia App, and the WDW Radio Dream Cruise. Also, Lou is now offering private Walt Disney World tours and I guarantee you will never find anyone else with Lou’s knowledge and expertise to tour the parks with.

Something else Lou has accomplished was his very successful live 24 hour broadcast and chat from Walt Disney World on May 22, 2010. No matter how great Lou does something once, he always tries to plus it the next time around. So this very weekend, coinciding with the Magic Kingdom’s 40th Anniversary, Lou will be taking to the airwaves with another marathon broadcast. However, this time it won’t be a 24 hour show, it will be a 40 hour epic extravaganza. If anyone can accomplish this it is Lou Mongello. After all, he gets little to no sleep as it is so for Lou a 40 hour live show should be a walk in the park!

Although getting through a 40 hour live broadcast should be easy for Lou I thought I would help out a little by providing some useful tips to assist him along the way:


Have Beci Mahnken and MEI & Mouse Fan Travel book your next vacation to start immediately after the show ends. When deciding where to go think White Castle, pork roll, bagels, and pizza.

Number 9

Ellen’s Energy Adventure, a great attraction that doubles as a rest area for those in desperate need.

Number 8

Stop by Kusafiri Coffee Shop for a coffee IV.

Number 7

Tower of Terror followed by Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster will shake, rattle, and roll you.

Number 6

When the “Box” starts looking a little too good to you…it’s time for a nap.

Number 5

For a good energy boost have a Dole Whip every quarter hour. “They’re quite refreshing.”

Number 4

Two words – Summit Plummet.

Number 3

Don’t forget the Depends when you just can’t get away fast enough.

Number 2

I hear the strollers are comfortable.

And the Number 1 tip to help Lou survive the 40 hour live show:

A 40 hour Fastpass.

Stuart Sternberg is the co-creator and part owner of WDW Fan Zone you can find and follow him on twitter @disneygeekdad.

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  • September 30, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    Coffee Coffee and more Coffee
    I wish Lou and the entire crew the best of luck on this 40 hour venture. I will be tuned in!


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