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Remember your Dates!


I enjoy being a Disney Vacation Club Member very much; I
enjoy the extra perks I get when in I’m Walt Disney World. I have talked about
these before; everything from bigger accommodations to lower ticket prices. I
have mentioned that the DVC although considered a ‘timeshare” is very much
different. This past month, however, I remembered that like a timeshare, there
are some limitations to traveling and staying with the DVC.

Because we didn’t travel to Walt Disney World this past
year, we had 148 Vacation points remaining in our use year, for those
unfamiliar with the DVC, you receive a yearly allotment of points, and
depending on how much of a share you buy in a particular resort. Something that
the Disney Vacation Club allows you to do is “Bank” your points for use in the next
year or borrow your points from an upcoming year. Since we didn’t use these
points, I should have banked them. Not thinking, I didn’t bank them by the time
I was supposed to.  When it comes to
Points, Disney has some Rules about usage that are very important to remember.

When it comes to banking your points, you need to bank
them. “In months 1-8 of your current Use
Year you can bank up to 100% of your Vacation Points for the following year;
you cannot bank Vacation Points in months 9-12.”
 Since my use year begins in February, I have
to bank my points before September 30th. I didn’t remember to do
this, and thus didn’t get my points banked in time.

They also have a rule for booking travel, which is good
to know, it is called the rule of four. The Rule of four states: “You cannot book and travel on The Disney
Collection (excluding Disneyland® Resort Hotels in California
and Tokyo Disney Resort®), Concierge Collection and Adventurer Collection
vacations within the last 4 months of your Use Year. However, you can travel in
the last 4 months of your use Year as long as you’ve booked your stay more than
4 months before the end of your Use Year.”
With that in mind, I could have
booked a vacation using these points at a DVC resort, but I could not have
stayed in one of the non-DVC resorts that accepts DVC point exchanges.

Picture from DVC Member Website

So, like many things in life, you live and learn. It all
worked out ok in the end, as a friend will get to use my points (we just can’t
get down to Walt Disney World right now). But please remember my tale as a
cautionary one, if you do join the DVC, make sure you keep track of your vacation
points and write down your banking and booking dates.

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