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I’ve made 12 trips to Walt Disney World in my 27 years of life, and I’ve got countless memories that will always be with me, and trying to rank them is insanely difficult, however there is one memory that stands out more than any other.  Its not just the actually memory that stands out, but also the “journey” so to speak to get to that point.  Please allow me to explain!

Many people don’t know this about me, but I became a parent at a young age, and Libby and I have had to work for everything we have, and when we got to the point we were able to plan our first Disney Vacation as a family, we were very hesitant about getting super excited, and I also wanted to make sure everything went as close to perfect as it could be.  Once the time finally arrived for us to load up in the car and make our first 800+ mile drive to Disney, we had all gotten to the point of being as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, however the drive itself would prove to be quite the adventure.  I was hoping to make the drive quickly with minimal stops, however with a then 6 year old in the back seat, that quickly went out the window as the phrase “I have to go to the bathroom” became trademarked for the entire car trip, along with massive traffic delays in north Florida due to construction, and horrible weather, we arrived at Pop Century much later than I had originally hoped and planned for, and was about ready to admit defeat to make it to any park for a parade/fireworks as even after we arrived it was still storming.

We decided to grab a bite to eat at the Pop Food Court, and then noticed it had stopped raining and with 30 minutes until SpectroMagic,  I was ready to salvage part of the night and just go ride a few rides without worry about anything else, and ironically, that’s exactly when the “Disney Magic” kicked in.  We walked out of the resort and had a Magic Kingdom bus waiting, and as we boarded we were tired yet still looking forward to this first dose of the parks as a family.  Our driver got us to MK pretty quickly and we got held up a bit at security and the turnstiles, but what happened next, was the most incredible thing ever.

We crossed under the bridge and as we entered Main Street USA, the music for Spectromagic began and a Cast Member saw the three of us and offered a spot right on the curb to watch the parade come from the left, with a view to the right, straight down Main Street with Cinderella Castle in the distance.  I don’t think I could have paid Disney to plan something that perfect!  While the parade was wonderful and is one of my favorites ever at Walt Disney World, what made the evening perfect, and worth everything we went through to get there, was seeing the expressions on Libby and Tim’s faces as they got their first taste of the Magic Kingdom and experiencing the magic of it all first hand.  It’s something I’ll never, ever forget!

Contributed by: Mark Weaver. Mark is the owner of Illuminating Epcot, a website dedicated to all things Epcot and a co-host on the Generation Mouse Podcast.

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