One Year To Go To Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio Dream Cruise 2.0

In February when Lou Mongello announced on the Disney Dream that he would have another WDW Radio Dream Cruise I could only think of one thing, booking it as soon as we could! At the time I said it will be here before you know it but in all honesty I couldn’t ever fathom how quickly we would get to the one year mark. The single greatest non-Disney park vacation I’ve ever had was Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio Dream Cruise. It was the grandest gathering of family and friends ever put together and I have no doubt that Lou’s WDW Radio Dream Cruise 2.0 will be even grander.

If you happen to have been on Lou’s first cruise then you know just how wonderful and well thought out the four night cruise was and how majestic the Disney Dream is. For those who were not on the first cruise but going on this one you are in for the time of your life. My daughter is one of those people. She will be joining us next year on Lou’s WDW Radio Dream Cruise 2.0. It would have been great for my son to come as well but he’ll be in the middle of his college school semester.

Initially my daughter didn’t want to go unless she could bring a friend and for a brief moment we were willing to entertain that idea. We allowed my daughter to ask a friend but her friend was unable to go. There is the whole issue of missing school for a couple of days and we plan on going to the parks before and after the cruise. While my daughter is looking forward to the parks she is hesitant about going on the cruise without a friend. I don’t think meeting other teens her age will be a problem especially since Lou’s Cruise takes place during Jersey Week when schools throughout the state close for Election Day and a Teachers convention. What my daughter, who is not a shy teenager, fails to realize is how much there is for her to do on the cruise.

There is a club on the Dream located on Deck 5, the Vibe, exclusively for teens ages 13 to 17. It contains a 103 inch surround sound screen making it a great place to watch a movie. The walls of the vibe use video and the dance floor lights up to set the tone for day and night teen parties. There’s a stage where talent shows and karaoke nights take place. They also have dance competitions, something I’m pretty sure my daughter will want to enter. The vibe has an area set up for teens who want to relax a bit and play video games, create their own video, or access the internet. The Vibe’s sundeck is another place the teens can relax, catch some rays, and cool off. There is also an area where teens can play foosball or ping pong.

One of the things I love about Disney is they get it! They understand that a 13 year old teen and a 17 year old don’t necessarily want to do the same thing so they have different activities and separate areas for various age teen groups. In addition, only teenagers can access the designated teen areas through a specially coded key. So, mom and dad if you want to check up on your teen I suggest you call them on your Wave phone but don’t be surprised if they don’t answer because they’re probably having too much fun.

My guess is once we board the Disney Dream we won’t see my daughter except for meal time and sleep time.

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