Turning Tomorrowland Into A New Tomorrow

I love wandering through all the lands in the Magic Kingdom and I can’t wait to see the finished product of the Fantasyland expansion. However, there is one land in particular that I keep hoping imagineers will give a makeover to. When I walk into this land I feel nostalgic not futuristic. Though I love this land and what it has to offer, I want to feel like I’m entering the dawn of a new tomorrow. I know it’s impossible to keep up with the rapid and ever changing advancements in technology which is why I think imagineers decided to go with a retro 50’s science fiction movie look for this land. While I believe the current look has served this land very well, I also think it’s time for change. So with that in mind I have some ideas to turn Tomorrowland into a new tomorrow.

The very first thing I have to suggest might be the most drastic change of all and that’s to remove the blue metallic exterior and replace it with a stainless steel finish. I think this would give Tomorrowland a modern and even more futuristic look. Another suggestion I have is to take the Carousel of Progress out of Tomorrowland. I think it would be better suited for Epcot’s Future World and there just so happens to be an empty pavilion waiting for something special to fill the space. Since we’re moving the Carousel of Progress I would also restore it to all its original scenes.

There is one other attraction I would completely remove not just from Tomorrowland but all the parks and that is Stitch’s Great Escape. The theater that houses this attraction is long overdue for something a little different to occupy the space. Perhaps a Phineas and Ferb attraction? I would also love to see the race cars at the Tomorrowland Speedway replaced with vehicles like the ones from the Cars movies.

So, if the Carousel of Progress is moved to Epcot and Stitch’s Great Escape becomes extinct there would be room for at least two if not more new attractions. Did someone say Tron? I’m sure this would be a fun challenge for imagineers to come up with new futuristic attractions that could stand the test of time. Also, somewhere in the future I can see Disney introducing a Marvel attraction into the parks but I don’t think Tomorrowland or the Magic Kingdom is the right place for this. But of course I would embrace it if that were to ever happen. I would also hope that any update of Tomorrowland would include a new sit down futuristic themed dining experience.

Will any of this ever come to fruition? Hey, what do I know? I’m just a passionate Disney fan with nothing better to do than to think of ways to update one of my favorite areas of the parks.

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I just completed recording a guest appearance on a soon to be released episode of the superb Best Magic Podcast. I want to thank Sal for the opportunity and I hope you will all take the time to listen as I reveal some of the plans I have for WDW Fan Zone in 2012.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you all a healthy and safe holiday season!

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