Test Track: A Revolutionary Thrill Ride

So I’m sure by now you have all heard the news that Test Track is going to be closed from April- Fall 2012 for a re-imagineering. This will now be the “Chevrolet Design Center”. I don’t know if that is the new name of the attraction or if they will keep the Test Track title. We also do not know if this is going to be a complete overhaul of the ride portion but what we do know is that they are changing the cars which are now called “Sim Cars” and the intriguing interactive side of the ride which will supposedly have the guest design a concept vehicle, then test out the vehicle to see how well you have created it.

What are your views on this news? Good? Bad? Don’t care? I think the attraction is great but as we know is prone to breaking down. I’m not sold on the new concept yet but will reserve judgement until we hear further news.

Onto the “Old Test Track”.

Test Track replaced a wonderful attraction which I am glad to have rode as a child. “World Of Motion”. Even tho I was sad to see this attraction go I was excited about the upcoming thrill ride that was taking its place. Like I said earlier Test Track is prone to breaking down and before the ride opened officially it’s opening date was pushed back several times because of the amount of technology used to make the ride operate. It finally had it’s grand opening on March 17th 1999.

Not only is the ride pretty cool and a thrill wide which Epcot needed at the time, but it also has one of my favourite pre-shows. Come on we all know the words “7?…..Yeah 7!”

Test Track also has some pretty sweet ride vehicles. If you only knew how much stuff is in them you will know why it breaks down so often. The ride is open at least 20 hours every day for maintenance and the length of start up and shut down!!

Each one of these detailed ride vehicles carries three onboard computers that combine to exceed the processing power onboard a space shuttle! The chassis of the vehicle is made entirely of composite materials, meaning there is no steel between the front and rear wheels which is pretty amazing if you think about it. They also boast an impressive 250 horsepower which is more than most passenger cars on the road today.

But the real neat thing is how many wheels does the car have? if you said 4 you are wrong. They actually have an impressive 22 wheels! These wheels have to have 6 distinct breaking systems on-board each car. Impress your friends with that one!

With the new Imagineering of the ride they have been rolling out the new fleet of cars which we have seen. Blue with the Chevrolet logo.  I like the new paint colour but nothing compares to the Yellow Test Track vehicle. It’s unique and cool. I hope they keep the same kind of concept for the ride because who doesn’t want to be a crash test dummy for the day? and aslong as they get rid of that awful queue music I’m fine. haha

Let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter @detailsofdisney on your thoughts for the future Test Track.

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