Getting Lost in Mexico: A La Cava del Tequila Review

There are two things I like to do when I visit Epcot and for me both have become a tradition almost ritualistic in nature. The first is that I must ride Spaceship Earth and thank the Phoenicians (they’re why it’s so easy to learn your ABCs.)

Secondly I like to walk around the World Showcase until I reach Mexico (for those paying attention that is a really short walk.) Once I get to Mexico I walk into the miniature Aztec temple and get lost, in Mexico.

There are beautiful shops, a really fun ride with the Three Caballeros and beautiful art everywhere.  But let’s be honest with ourselves, I’m not there for any of that!

I am in the Mexico pavilion for one thing: La Cava del Tequila! My casa away from casa. I love La Cava, not like, LOVE. This beautiful little hole in the wall bar is such an escape from the hustle and bustle of visiting a theme park.

One of the best things about La Cava is even though I don’t think it is a kid free zone I rarely, if ever, seen kids in the bar. Not a one. I realize that Disney is a place for families and children but it’s nice to know that there are places where the childless (or those who desire to be temporarily childless) can chill out.

Another thing I like about La Cava, it’s cool (temperature) and serene and dark: A perfect way to take a break from a busy day out in the hot Florida sun. When you enter La Cava it’s like being transported into another (tequila filled) world. It’s such a calm atmosphere and you don’t feel the need to rush to the next ride or show.

La Cava also has some of, if not the, best drinks on property. Even if you are not a complete fan of tequila the margaritas are delicious and the tequila is some of the smoothest I have ever tasted. I have never had a bad margarita there. NEVER! And that’s saying a lot considering I have had (in no particular order) the blood orange, passion fruit, avocado, avocado/strawberry, and pomegranate margaritas there! And several of those I have had more than once. Every margarita I’ve had has been sweet but not sugary. You can’t taste the tequila but trust me it is there!

There a few (although be they extremely minor) downsides of La Cava del Tequila. It is SMALL (small in caps… ironic?) So it’ll often feel as though the bar is very very crowded. However by the time the bar seems good and crowded it usually clears out and it’s a perfect little oasis again.

The price of La Cava is a bit high ($14 for a margarita) but that’s pretty much par for the course with Disney. And trust me the margaritas are worth every penny! Also they have specials every Monday where one particular type of margarita is on sale for $10.

Another problem that I have had when visiting La Cava was service. If you’re at the bar they’re pretty good about getting you what you want. But if you grab a seat sometimes it seem like it takes a while before they come to your table. And if you need refills it seems to take even longer. This has happened to me enough times that I felt the need to share.

On the plus side (yay plus side) the wait staff is some of the nicest on property! They are more than accommodating when it comes to (odd) requests. For example back in November I asked for a layered margarita that was avocado and strawberry (read and green for the HoliDaze!) And a bartender whipped it up for me! That was so nice.

The staff is also great at making suggestions. Recently when I went to La Cava I was in the mood to try a hibiscus margarita. But alas it was no longer on the menu. The waiter suggested that I try the pomegranate margarita instead. This drink is now the love of my margarita life!

Wow I had a lot to say today! Guess I really love a good margarita bar and La Cava del Tequila is the greatest margarita bar EVER! For more info about La Cava del Tequila head over to their website or their twitter @cavadeltequila.

Pics by Christa Ryan, Twitter: @mckryan

DragynAlly is a Screenwriting MFA student and writer in progress. You can also check her out on her own blog The Dragyn’s Lair.




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