Hot, Hot Hot

May 1, 2012

As we quickly approach that time of year when the temps heat up and the humidity builds here in FL we all want to remember to ‘stay cool’ when it comes to our Disney time.  Here are a few helpful hints.

First, and most important of all, stay hydrated.  It is very important in the Central FL heat and humidity to drink as much as you can.  It’s said that if you wait until you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated to a point.  The best hydration is good, old-fashioned water.  Sports drinks are good too, but try to avoid drinking only caffeinated sodas, tea or coffee as caffeine can lead to increase dehydration.  A great, and less expensive, solution is to bring in a water bottle and re-fill it yourself as the day goes on.  Now, the water at Disney tends to be “not so tasty” but there are things you can do to help.  By carrying either several water mix packets (Crystal Light, Walmart or Target brands all taste good) or a bottle of Mio you can add these to your water and they do a good job of masking the taste.  Another solution is a filtered water bottle; both Rubbermaid and Brita make excellent products.  These filter the water as you drink, eliminating a lot of the taste.

Second, a great tip that works hand in hand with the first tip, is to get free ice and water at Disney.  Ask for a cup of ice water at any concession stand that serves soda from a fountain and they’ll give you a large cup free.  You can also get free ice by asking any vendor that has ice on hand to keep other things cold (bottled drinks, water fans, etc.) and they’ll give you ice free of charge.

Next, take advantage of your ability to come and go into a Park on the same day to take a break at your resort, hotel or vacation home.  Even without a Park Hopper, you can come and go to the same Park throughout the day.  Taking a short mid-day break, even if just for a quick nap or swim in the pool, can recharge your batteries and help you keep from wilting in the heat.

Another tip is to plan your ADRs and counter service meals, if you are dining, around the heat of the day.  A lunch or dinner break in a nice air conditioned restaurant during the hottest points of the day brings great relief from the heat and allows you to relax, slow down and enjoy some ‘down time’.  You may face a bigger crowd, but this can be worth it when it’s hot.

An easy tip is simply to take it easier during the hotter days.  Instead of running from attraction to attraction, take a little time to get around.  The faster you run, the quicker you run out your energy and it also helps to dehydrate you more quickly.  It is far better to miss one attraction than to kill yourself trying to do everything.

If you can, try to plan on hitting indoor, AC attractions during the middle of the day when the sun is hottest.  This keeps you out of the sun during the time it can do the most ‘damage’ to your energy and body-heat levels.

By far the tastiest tip is to enjoy some of the great, refreshing treats that Disney provides.  Mickey bars, ice cream, floats, milk shakes and Dole Whips (to name but a few) are great, delicious ways to cool off when you get the hottest.  Or even to enjoy on a cool 50 degree day, of course.

My final advice is to be sure and enjoy your time.  Take the extra time to window shop indoors, to look at details while in queues, anything that keeps the magic in your mind which in turn helps keep your day far more enjoyable than “feeling the heat”.  Enjoy your Disney vacation and stay cool!

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3 Responses to Hot, Hot Hot

  1. Diana on May 1, 2012 at 2:03 PM

    Great tips! We always are at Disney in the summer– staying hydrated is the biggest the best tip. The grab some ice cream and enjoy your day!

  2. Kathleen Kelly on May 1, 2012 at 2:35 PM

    Hooray for the midday nap-or-swim! It was a lifesaver for us on our first WDW trip! (Early September… 90+ temps every day and humidity that made it feel like a sauna.)

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