The Electrical Water Pageant-One Of WDW Resort’s Hidden Gems

It seems that no matter how many times I have visited Walt Disney World (WDW), there is always something new to discover. This past fall, we enjoyed our first stay at Bay Lake Towers (BLT).  While the stay was great as it always is when staying at a WDW resort, the best part of staying at a Magic Kingdom resort like BLT came once the sun had set–The Electrical Water Pageant.

My discovery of the water pageant came on our first night. After a long day of travel and being out of our normal routine, Baby Girl had really had it for the day. It took over an hour to settle the fussy baby and just as she FINALLY drifted off to sleep, I heard loud music coming from somewhere nearby. Now, I am sure you can imagine the rage that brewed within a sleep deprived mother who just got her very cranky baby to sleep. I gently put the baby in her crib and marched out to the living room to rally my husband to track down these wild teenager who HAD to be the source of this racket at such a late hour. After listening to my rant for several minutes, during which time I expressed my outrage for such behavior in a a resort for which I paid good money to stay and outlined what I was going to do to the responsible party if they awakened my infant, my husband gently opened the balcony door and said “It’s the Electrical Water Pageant”.

Yes, I immediately softened. Who can be upset when Disney Magic comes to call right outside of your door, regardless of the hour?  My husband and I sat out the balcony and watched the show that night and every night during our stay. It was a great nightly ritual that gave us a little bit of alone time, which is something we RARELY get with having 5 children. Much to my relief, the music did not awaken my sweet yet crabby baby.

Despite this trip being my 20th visit to WDW, I had no knowledge that such an event existed, even though the Electrical Water Pageant is the longest running parade at WDW, debuting on October 26, 1971. It was originally created  to be entertainment for guests as they left the Magic Kingdom and to illuminate the Seven Seas Lagoon as guest made their way back to their resort.  Interestingly, it was also the precursor to the Main Street Electrical Parade and Spectromagic.

The Electrical Water Pageant is a parade of 25 foot screens with lights pulled by 14 barges. The lights and music show has an aquatic theme (naturally) displaying various sea creature characters such as an octopus, turtle, dolphins…etc. Even King Triton makes his appearance as his chariot is pulled by seahorses.  The second half of the show is a tribute to America with patriotic music spectacle of  stars and stripes. The water pageant can be viewed from Grand Floridian Resort, Polynesian Resort, Contemporary Resort, Wilderness Lodge, Bay Lake Towers, and the Ft. Wilderness Campground as it travels on Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon.

While the show is quite simplistic when compared to the latest animation technology, the water pageant is entertaining and a great way to end a magical day. The Electrical Water Pageant usually begins at 9pm, but may be delayed due to Wishes or inclement weather. To locate the best viewing spot, contact a cast member for information. This 10 minute show is a wonderful little WDW secret for fun and FREE (yes I said free, you do not need to pay to see the water pageant) evening entertainment.

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