Cancelling? There’s no Cancelling in Disney!


Hello, Disney friends! I’ve got some good news and some bad news; which do you want first?

Okay, first the good news: after three months of being out of work and looking for a job, I have finally landed an exciting new position. It’s a full-time job as opposed to part-time, so that means I’ll be bringing in more money – a lot more money. In today’s economy, that’s actually great news!

Now, the bad news: I start next week. That means that I won’t be eligible for time off for quite a while. Oh, no! There goes our February trip to Walt Disney World!  Tomorrow I have to call Member Services at Disney Vacation Club and cancel our family vacation. (Insert crying emoticon here.)

Cancel: syn ERASE, efface, obliterate, expunge, delete, blot out.

That sounds so depressing, doesn’t it? Oh well, we do what we’ve got to do, right?

But wait! All is not lost – not when you are a DVC member! When I make that call to cancel my reservation I won’t lose my points, I’ll have the option to bank them until our next use year. So technically I won’t be cancelling my family’s vacation; I will simply be re-scheduling it. And with more points to play with, perhaps we can have a longer stay or travel during a more “expensive” time of the year. We can upgrade our resort! Or maybe we can get larger accommodations and invite family to come with us! There are so many possibilities!

Life is a two-sided coin, my friends. When faced with a good-news-bad-news situation, I like to focus on the good news! Just like someone else we know…


Courtesy, Real Disney Men


So remember — when it comes to Disney we never cancel, we reschedule!


~ Kathy Kelly


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2 thoughts on “Cancelling? There’s no Cancelling in Disney!

  • December 5, 2012 at 3:15 PM

    Congratulations on the new job! We have had to “reschedule” a Disney vacation before, though due to the arrival of a new little one … also a good reason to reschedule! There was a bit of crying on my part, but the little one is now five and has been to WDW 3 times already with her fourth trip just a couple of months away. Good luck with that new job!


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