WDW Virtual Visit – a Disney-Style “Choose Your Own Adventure”

February 28, 2013

I’m sure many of you reading this article often find yourself wishing you were enjoying a vacation in Walt Disney World and searching the internet for photos, videos and trip reports to help you feel as though you are there.  In my own searching, I discovered a site which has quickly become one of my favorites and I am so excited to share it with you today.

WDW Virtual Visit is an interactive website combining video, art and sound to create an immersive experience where you can feel as though you really are enjoying a day in Walt Disney World. The owner and creator of the website, Zac Tredway, has spent the past several months flying to Orlando to not only make video recordings of attractions, he also recorded the experience of walking from one attraction to the next.  So, for example, after you enter Epcot, you decide you want to ride Soarin’ first, you can select The Land pavilion and the video will walk you by Spaceship Earth, through Innoventions Plaza and up the ramp to The Land. After you enter the building, the website will ask you whether you would like to visit Soarin’ or Living With the Land, and you will be taken to experience the full attraction, including a walk through the queue (but with no wait in line)! After Soarin’, maybe you want to wander to MouseGear, Club Cool, Innoventions East or West, or any of the other attractions in FutureWorld.  The choice is completely up to you!  Currently, FutureWorld is the only part of the site that is active, but I had a chance to speak with Zac, and he anticipates the next area of the site, World Showcase, to be active on March 12, followed by Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom

When I spoke with Zac, I was curious to know more about the site and his process to create it.  As you would imagine, the initial idea for this website came to Zac as he was longing to be at Walt Disney World more often than he was able to go.  In the mid-2000’s, he created a similar, picture-based website of the same name; he was interested in having video on the website, but had to wait for the internet’s video sharing capabilities to catch up with his creativity.  As he does not currently live in Orlando, Zac searches his schedule for a day to fly down to Walt Disney World every several weeks to record source video for the website.  At the time we spoke, he figured that he had recorded somewhere around 70-80 hours of source video for the website, although that is not nearly as long as it takes to edit, produce and upload each video clip.

In addition to video, there are also live audio recordings from the park available for download, including the two most popular tracks “A Morning at the Contemporary” and “An Afternoon by the Fountain of Nations.” Zac is also collecting art and photograph submissions to showcase in the WDW Virtual Visit Art Studio. On theircurrent Art Studio page, there is a notice which states: “The WDW Virtual Visit Art Studio is currently being built.  Once the doors open, it will include photography and artwork from WDW fans all over the world!    To have your artwork or photography displayed right here in the WDW Virtual Visit Studio, simply send it to us via email at zac@wdwvirtualvisit.com along with your name and age.”

I was so excited to discover this website and have a chance to speak with its creator, and in turn have a chance to share it with all of you.  You can visit the website at http://wdwvirtualvisit.com and follow the updates on Twitter and Facebook.  Happy exploring!

Theresa is looking forward to when Zac adds the option to visit Gertie in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  You can show her support by following her on Twitter at @GertieTheDino89.


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