Is Disney Vacation Club For Us

Schools out, or really close, and its vacation time again.  Each year about this time I start to get the same question from friends – Why did you join Disney Vacation Club?  My immediate answer is always the same – our family really loves Disney.  Of course, this just leads to more questions which is the part I really enjoy; telling about our wonderful Disney trips.

What is the Disney Vacation Club? It is Disney’s version of a timeshare program.  You purchase a minimum number of points for a set price based on the resort you chose to buy.  For my family, we purchased points for Disney’s Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort.  This is the resort we picked for our home resort but we do not have to stay here each visit.disney-vacation-club-new-logo

We joined DVC because we enjoy visiting Walt Disney World and my son was 8 and our daughter was just an infant and knew many more trips would be in our future.  Each of our pre-DVC trips, we stayed in the Disney resort and love the resorts and benefits.  Being a DVC member, we have our choice of 7 on site resorts we can stay.

We also joined DVC because we like to take multiple trips and DVC allows us enough points to make 2-3 visits a year using our points.  This has saved us money as we will purchase annual passes on our first trip and on our additional trips we already have our room and tickets and just have to purchase a dinning plan.

If you and your family love Disney and enjoy multiple yearly trips, like to stay at the Disney resorts and enjoy magic extra hours and other perks then I suggest you visit the Best Kept Secret booth next time you are at Disney and take the tour!  Disney Vacation Club may just be for you.

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