All I Want For Christmas Is More DVC Points

Hello Everyone and a very Happy December to all of you. I hope everyone had a magical Thanksgiving. But now we are on the countdown to Christmas.

I’m sure everyone has started their Christmas lists and in today’s post I want to share one of the items on mine, but I know will take a number of years to fully achieve.

It’s an exciting time to be a Disney Vacation Club member as there is 1 new resort just opened up and another coming in 2015. DVC is amazing and I am so grateful for buying into the program as I have been to places I never would if I didn’t own DVC. For example my points paid for a Disney Cruise, I used my points for a stay at Disneyland and I’ve stayed in many resorts I couldn’t afford without DVC.

I’ve always wanted to stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian as it’s the hotel I associate most with WDW as it’s a stone’s throw away from Magic Kingdom. As many of you may know DVC have just opened up a whole wing of the Grand Floridian Resort just for DVC members.

Grand Floridian DVC wing- Artist Rendering
Grand Floridian DVC wing- Artist Rendering


Here comes the Maths:

I have 150 points to use in a year, the points charts have come out for 2014 and as expected Grand Floridian is the most expensive resort available. At it’s cheapest it’s 125 points for a week in a standard view studio (a studio is basically a normal hotel room but with a small kitchen area.) Compare that to a week stay in the exact same room type at my home resort Saratoga Springs is a mere 90 points which is a vast difference.

Now I know what you are saying “You have 150 points, you have enough”. Well the problem is I come for 2 weeks which would make the points for the stay 250, the great thing about DVC is I can borrow from the next use year so if I wanted I could borrow all 150 and have a total of 300 points to use which would give me enough. Here’s the major problem, as I have previously borrowed from 2014 all I have to start next year with is 13 points. Even if I borrow from 2015’s points the maximum I would have is 163 points which is not enough by a long way.

DVC has also announced yet another resort set for completion in 2015, also at a place I would love to stay at which is the Polynesian Resort. If rumors are true that some of the rooms are located on the lagoon then I am definitely in trouble with my points.

It’s a very exciting time for DVC members which will soon have rooms at 9 different resorts to choose from.

So please Santa, all I want for Christmas is more DVC points.


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