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For those of you who have read my previous posts, you will know that I am that type A personality when it comes to my Disney trips.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been accused (not entirely unfairly) of penciling in our party’s bathroom breaks.  My husband often says at family gatherings “It is officially 10:07 AM you have approximately 3 minutes to use the potty now hustle people we have a fast pass for Splash Mountain…who am I?” and he is answered with a resonating “MICHELLE!!”  No respect I tell you!!!

So, if one were to say to me “Why not stroll leisurely through the parks, enjoy the shows!”  I would probably have to fight the urge to throat punch them.  Yet, that is exactly what my husband loves to do…seeing the type A and type B personalities at play here?  He loves to stroll the streets and take in all the sights that I blaze past as I am directing our group to the next fast pass or following a well planned out itinerary.

Yet, there was one trip that stands out quite clearly in my mind as being memorable for my whole family and all of the memories were tied to shows and mini magic experienced other than on a ride or rushing for a fast pass.  For instance, had we not been taking the time to enjoy the dancing my family would have missed:

  • The jammitors’ performance in Epcot which is spellbinding.  They are a group of guys dressed as the Janitorial cast members that utilize trashcans, recycled pipes, lids and various other “trash” to perform amazing music.
  • The opening Main Street USA trolley opening ceremony where cast members perform to one of my favorite songs Clang Clang (the trolley song),  from one of my favorite movies Meet Me In St Louis.
  • A HILARIOUS street performance by 3 gentlemen claiming to work for the Public Works department (One of whom reminded me ALOT of Ralph Kramden
  • A HILARIOUS street performance in front of Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage where one street performer was repairing the car of another street performer.
  • Witnessing both of my daughters performing an authentic African Dance while in Animal Kingdom
  • Witnessing a performer stack 20 chairs at various angles and climb to the top like climbing a mountain.
  • Watching an amazing performance in Japan on the drums
  • This one is my favorite because it speaks simply of the magic that comes alive at Disney.  My family and I were in Epcot future World for the day when a HUGE thunderstorm blew in from nowhere.  As the rain came down down down in rushing rising rivlets, (sorry couldn’t help it), we huddled together under one of the water misters (The ones that look like the lid on a tanning bed).  A couple rushed up and as fellow rain dodgers, we began a conversation.  I found out that they were on their honeymoon having only been married for 2 short days.  After talking for a few minutes about where we all were from, the newly wedded husband said “Oh well, you only live once right.”  He took his new wife by the arm, led her out into the pouring rain and they began to dance a beautiful, magical waltz right in front of us.  In my mind, I saw Cinderella and Prince Charming so in love that they didn’t feel the rain.  Their magic spilled onto all of us.  It was amazing.

As you can see, that by taking your time to see all that there is to see, you give yourself a gift of memories for decades to come.  So, go ahead, take a moment…enjoy the dancing.


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One thought on “Take a moment to enjoy the dancing

  • March 4, 2014 at 2:00 PM

    Now that I have an AP and go to Disney a lot, I don’t have the rush feeling to get things done. I spend a lot of time on Main street watching the performers. There’s so much going on. The trolley show is one of the best.
    It’s VACATION after all!
    …fellow Zone writer


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