Stacey Says

My daughter is and has always been tall for her age.  This fact allowed her to ride many “big kid” attractions earlier then most.  It was great and then somewhere along the line she decided she did not want to ride anything that seemed remotely scary anymore.  Rides she once enjoyed were now off limits and even though I knew she would enjoy an attraction I didn’t want to be that parent dragging their crying child onto a ride.  I even tried bribery but no amount of ice cream or toys could get her to budge.

It took me over a year before I found a remedy to this dilemma.

Stacey J Aswad

Anyone who has ever stayed at a Disney hotel knows about Stacey and if your kids are anything like mine you have probably seen Must Do Disney dozens of times.  Even though we are locals we occasionally stay on property especially for those early runDisney events. My daughter LOVES watching the endless loop and thinks Stacey is on every hotel TV (even outside Disney).  I once tweeted Stacey to tell her how much my daughter loved to watch her.  This is my daughter’s face when she responded.


Stacey Responded
Stacey Responded


On what felt like the hundredth time we watched the show I realized that while I might not be able to get my daughter back on Disney attractions, Stacey could.  After a little convincing we decided we were going to do a Stacey Tour of WDW.  If Stacey went on it we would too. I was sooo excited when it worked.  We went from not riding Norway (because it went backwards) to checking out the new Test Track.  I got her on Tower of Terror multiple times and even Splash Mountain was no longer off limits. Our next trip is about a month away and I am hoping after a night with Stacey I can get her on Expedition Everest.  Cross your fingers for me.

Next time you have a timid rider in your group play a game of “Stacey Says”



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