The Wilderness Must Be Explored!!

Hello my friends! I hope you all are doing good! It’s finally SPRINGTIME!! We all survived winter! Well, mostly survived! We have one last blast of cold and snow here in Chicago this week, then it will begin to warm up again and hopefully stay on the warmer side!

I wanted to share with you today a fun activity that we enjoyed on our past 2 visits to Walt Disney World! Located inside Animal Kingdom, there is a FUN game that anyone can play for FREE!

Wilderness Explorers!!

From the popular movie, UP!, our friends Russell and Dug want you to join them to explore the wilderness throughout Animal Kingdom! As you enter the park, just before you get to the Tree of Life, there is a welcome station, where a camp counselor will lead you through the activity and explain how the game works! The game is open to anyone, but is geared more towards children. You receive a booklet and are told that throughout the Park there are different stations that you can recieve your badges (in sticker form) from once you complete and activity!



There are also locations in Africa, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Asia and Dinoland U.S.A. to pick up a  booklet!

Each activity relates to something in nature or animal throughout the park. We have done badge work on Flamingos, Dinosaurs, and African music! Each time you finish an activity you receive a sticker badge to add to your book. Inside your guidebook you also have some information about your activity and further ways to find out more information!

You do not have to complete the booklet in one day, you can actually bring it back over multiple visits and continue to collect badges on each trip! It becomes a fun and free souvinear, and a great rememberence of your visit and a great thing to look forward to doing on your next visit!



Princess Kayla LOVES this game! We  have 2 booklets so far, and are looking forward to working on more badges on our upcoming trip in August!



There is a also a GREAT meet and greet with Russell and Dug near Flame Tree BBQ! Make sure you tell Dug to look out for SQUIRRELS! LOL


For more information, please visit the Walt Disney World website at :


Have you played Wilderness Explorers yet? Please leave a comment below and share your experience!

I hope you all have a magical week!! Happy spring!


PS. I will be joining the monthly Blogcast starting in April, so please tune in for that!


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