Disney Vinyl Records are “All the Rage” and Contemporary (Like the Resort)

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The Vinyl trend has been on a steady climb in the last few years according to a recent Neilson report. Vinyl records have hit record levels in the U.S. and are expecting to rise. What’s old is new again and it’s very collectible. Disneyland Records has released vinyl since the 1950’s and are once again trendy.

Mickey Record PlayerI’ve been an avid collector of vinyl ever since I was a little kid. My parents gave me the soundtrack to the Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood and Bambi when I was 3. I remember playing them over and over on a Mickey Mouse record player with Mickey’s finger as the needle. I progressed playing to my favorite 45’s back in the early 70’s and 80’s on a Crosley turntable with built in speakers. There’s nothing like the sound of vinyl to bring me back to my childhood. The pop and hiss of a scratched record reminds me of my youth. I’ve seen the audio preferences progress from vinyl records to 8 tracks to cassette then CD’s and finally media files. Record shops are a rarity since shopping is done on-line.


Over the years I have amassed over six hundred 33 and 45’s rpms that are still in pretty good shape and include some very collectible ones. I decided to take them out of storage to start organizing them. I spent many weeks taking inventory, cleaning and putting them into polypropylene protectors to keep them safe. It was a tough job and I didn’t realize how many I had tucked away in storage boxes and in the basement. While doing some on-line investigation to see what they are worth I found some pictures discs that looked interesting. That’s when I discovered that Walt Disney Records has been producing picture discs for many years! Or should I say “ears”? I didn’t actually have a record player that worked with my computer so I went on-line and bought one that converted Vinyl to MP4 format.

Coincidentally, during a recent stay at Disney I found a hidden treasure! While browsing through the books and CD, I discovered that some of the stores also sell Vinyl Records. My first discovery of them was at the “Screen Door General Store” located at the Disney’s Boardwalk. I grabbed “The Lion King”, “The Little Mermaid” and “Songs from Beauty and the Beast” with glee! All at a reasonable price of $19.00 each. With my Annual Pass I saved another 10%. After doing some searching for the retailer “HOT TOPIC” I found a treasure trove of interesting vinyl picture discs and set out to find them all. The best place to find them is in Record Stores, on-line site such as “EBAY” or “DISCOGS” or by hunting around the Disney shops. I asked one of the cast members in “Mouse Gear” and they brought me right over to the display case!

So now I have most of them and they have been added to my trove of Disney Collectibles! “Sleeping Beauty” is on my “Must Have”  list and I’m hoping to get it soon. I suggest snatching them up before they are gone. Then hold on tightly because they are priceless.

Lady and the Tramp (Back)   The Fox And The Hound  Frozen Hot Topic Exclusive Beauty And The Beast 2

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