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A whole new world is emerging before us. In this time of technology evolution, I have been wondering what would be next after Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become a part of the daily lives of many. I enjoy following others’ experiences or answering questions about Disney vacations and cruises through social media. I know many of you do too! What would be coming next, because the industry is always evolving?

This month, I have discovered a whole new world. I have watched people LIVE in the parks riding rides and sharing stories. I can comment and ask questions, and he or she will answer! What a neat innovation and it may just be the next big thing. A periscope isn’t just for submarines anymore!

Periscope is a video streaming platform that links with Twitter. You have followers and follow others like other social media. Download the app and in minutes you’ll be set to broadcast. It’s sort of like using Skype but you are calling all of your followers at once. They can send you messages that you can read and respond to in live time. The app will save the broadcast for 24 hours so those who may have missed it can watch it on replay.

One night I watched someone ride Everest, another ate a cupcake in Hollywood Studios, and I gathered my family together to watch Celebrate the Magic before bedtime. I rode the Haunted Mansion on my couch and got to visit Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland! I like to hear others’ stories and experiences. Periscope has brought it to a whole new level. No longer simply writing in text and presented in still pictures, but live and ‘in person’!


Pirates Of The Caribbean-Adventureland

I can see the world of Periscope getting very popular in the next few months as we, as social beings, are always looking to connect in different and real ways with others. Being able to come home after a vacation and stay connected with actual goings-on is just exciting. I have done a few broadcasts talking about Disney discounts and promotions. It was like taking a dare but gets easier with each try.

Periscope is also a way people can share other things. Personal stories, cooking techniques, exercise, motivation, how they take their coffee, and anything else a person feels like talking about. I have learned a few things that might be helpful if you are going to jump in. You may consider turning off your location setting if you are going to ‘scope’. Also, as with all social media, be aware of who is following you and if need be, there is a block feature. For broadcasts that you like, you can give hearts by tapping the screen. Feel free to share if you follow anyone full of Disney cheer!

This got me thinking. How will Periscope change the way we share the magic? Will live ‘scopes’ take the place of live tweeting? Will people feel comfortable having their voices heard instead of simply read? Will it replace live streams from websites? or will Periscope come into interest and then fade?

It is exciting to have another way to share the magic as its happening. So grab your loved ones and check out Wishes as you head to bed!

by: Rebecca C



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