Animal Actors on your list to see at Universal Orlando

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I don’t understand a lot of things. I don’t understand why people keep encouraging Justin Bieber’s behaviour. I don’t understand why the world says they hate Selfie Sticks, and I see them multiplying like a plague everywhere I go. I mainly don’t understand why so many guests see live action shows as a second thought. They will visit them only when they have done everything else. This mindset needs to change because people are seriously missing out.

I love animal acts. I could watch a dog do tricks for hours, and it would never get old to me. That’s probably why I love Universal Studios Florida’s attraction “Animal Actors on Location” so much. It just amazes me

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Animal actors is a live action show featuring spectacular animals performing right in front of you. It showcases the animals learned behaviour mixed in with natural that’s used in movies and television production.They have dogs, birds, and monkeys… all sorts of animals. A trainer acts as the show’s host and is very entertaining. They explain how they get the animals to perform the tricks using only positive reinforcement. Which is something I love. During part of the show, they will even bring out animals in training to demonstrate the process. You find yourself rooting for the little guys. I am almost proud of them when they perform the action correctly. OK not almost, I’m super proud and smiling like my own child took their first step.

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The show uses children volunteers, and if your child is chosen, this can be a fantastic memory for your little one. Also an amazing picture opportunity. If you want them to be picked sit about half way up, a centre stadium for the best chance.

Since the stadium is only covered, there is no air-condition to keep you cool. The roof will provide some cover from the Florida Sun though. This may not sound like a lot, but if you have been walking around under that beast of a sun, it can be a life-saver.

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So why should you see this show instead of a big ride? You shouldn’t see it instead; you should see it as well. In the rush to the big attractions, it’s easy to skip the shows, but that is a shame. The idea of Universal is putting you in television and movies. Animals are a big part of both of those. Everyone has watched animal movies and wondered how they get them to perform. With combining live-action video footage, you can watch movie scenes and then learn from the actual people who train them. Plus get a funny, witty and creative show in the process.

How can you pass that up?

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