A Guy’s Preview of the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Guys run the Disney Princess races too. While this particular race is geared to the ladies, Run Disney does not deny its die hard male fans a chance to participate in the events.

What follows is some advice and predictions based on my previous experience running this race and other Run Disney events.


If you want them, make sure you sign up for the New Balance Virtual Queue at 7:00 P.M. the night before you intend to go to the expo. I expect the Ariel shoes will be a hot item this year.

A recent Run Disney Facebook advertisement.
A recent Run Disney Facebook advertisement.

The Expo:

Ladies keep an eye out for some obscure photo opportunities. Two years ago Cinderella’s horse and dog in human form were holding the door for everybody as they arrived.


The Races:

If you ever participated in a Run Disney Marathon Weekend event, other than the marathon, expect to run the same course for each race.

The 5 and 10Ks:

Expect to walk a lot. These are family races and many are not aware of race etiquette (runners in the middle and walkers on the side). You will find people walking four or more across and it might be hard to get around them. Just go with the flow.


You should see rare characters connected to the countries you will pass in The World Showcase. I met Jiminy Cricket in Italy and the Beast in France during these races.


Do not assume that all characters will be princess related.  I have met Christmas characters like the toy soldiers during these events, so be on the lookout for the obscure.


The Half Marathon:

Expect a bottle neck at the Cinderella Castle. Almost everyone will rightfully want a picture in front of it.  The photo might take some time, but if you are ahead of pace it’s worth taking for prosperity.

This race will offer some photo opportunities not commonly offered during other races.

The Villains:

I have only seen so many in one place during the Tower of Terror Ten Milers. Take advantage of this photo while you can since they are on hold.


The Princes:

These elusive gentlemen always make an appearance for this race. Lines are long, but the picture is one of a kind.  Kenny the Pirate reported that John Smith was doing some surprise meetings at Animal Kingdom this week; I would expect him to be among the group. I would also expect to see Prince Eric holding court for this race since it is themed to his wife.


Kenny also reported two other rare characters appearing this week: Princess Atta and Jane Porter. Keep an eye on his blog, Kenny the Pirate in the coming days. If he reports any other rare characters in the parks this week, I would assume they will be offering photo opportunities during at least one of the races. I also expect to see Sebastian given the race theme. Last month he made a rare appearance during the Walt Disney World Marathon.

Princess Atta was holding court during the 5K in 2014.
Princess Atta was holding court during the 5K in 2014.

Guys in Tuxes: Not a photo I would personally stop for, but they are popular with the ladies.  Near the Walt Disney Wedding Pavilion between the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian there are often a group of gentlemen wearing tuxedos. One should be holding a pillow with a glass slipper on it. This photo is very popular with the ladies running the Glass Slipper Challenge.

At some point also expect to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy in royal garb. In the past they have offered photo opportunities in Fantasy Land.

Finally, don’t fear the balloon ladies. If you meet them, say hi. Try to keep their pace and strike up a conversation with them.  They are very supportive and will motivate you the entire time.  That’s what I did. Last month I was injured during the marathon and met Nancy at mile 21. I stayed with her for a bit then I was able to get myself moving and finish the race.


Additional Resources:

Christine Campbell has been writing about all things Princess for the last three years on her blog, The Glass Slipper Catalyst. Check it out for the most comprehensive information on this race.

I also highly recommend checking out the Team Shenanigans Podcast. Last week they did a preview of this race weekend. You can find them on all podcast media like I-Tunes. Stop by, give it a listen, and rate and review the show. It will help others find them.

Zone in next month for my trip review of this race weekend.

Good luck ladies…and gentlemen too.

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