1994 Magic Kingdom Easter Memories

Easter CollageFor this Easter holiday, I thought I would do a throwback collage to the 1994 Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Easter Parade. It was my girlfriend’s first trip to Walt Disney World and we took our spot at the curb 30 minutes early so we would have a good view. Of course, some people don’t understand what manners are and we were pushed aside by an overzealous father with his young child. Rudeness aside, we had a fantastic trip and two years later returned for our honeymoon…We haven’t missed a year since. By the way, if you look close, you can see West Center Street separating the Emporium from the Disney Clothiers which was enclosed with the 2001 expansion of the Emporium.

As a bonus this month, I brushed off the cobwebs and dug our a picture of Space Ship Earth taken somewhere between 1983 and 1986. I just love how simple the plaza looked without the Leave a Legacy Monuments that currently clog up the space. That’s all for this month, Happy Easter everyone!Spaceship Earth 1983

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