A Solo mission to WDW

As we all know, visiting Walt Disney World with family can be one of the most memorable moments of your life . You are able to share in some of the best foods, activities and events Disney can offer. But what if you decide you want to go to WDW alone? I know it almost seems like you are “breaking the law” by going by yourself, yet there is a growing number of Disney fans that go it alone. I wanted to share my experiences and give you some practical tips that will make your SOLO MISSION to WDW a success.

Lets talk about all the positive aspects of heading to WDW alone. The big one for me is, YOU can decide to do what you want, when you want  and how you want! How many times are you at WDW with your family and everyone starts to argue about where to go next. You are stuck standing in the heat while you block other guests way cause you are unable to figure out where to head next. Well, when you are alone, that will never happen! (Unless you have a split personality).  Being able to decide on the fly and not having any push back will save you time and aggravation.  Ive been able to enjoy way more things when I was solo. For me this is the best benefit.

Expanded activities.  Lets face it, when you are with children and other family members you are restricted on what you can ride and what you can enjoy. When going it alone, WDW opens up to you in every way. The first time I went solo I was able to head to the Downtown Disney and enjoy some of the music and night time entertainment they had. As simple as this may sound, doing that with kids becomes impossible. I was able to meet other Disney fans and not worry about who may be getting tired or cranky. You are also able to experience some more adult type attractions like Yehaa Bob’s second show.

Relax. Yes relax. Solo trips are a great way to literally go slow and take in each sight and sound. Imagine you wake up, you aren’t being rushed by anyone, you get your coffee and start the day at your own pace. Ive been known to walk around the parks and just look around and watch. I  love seeing guests reactions when they see their favorite character for the first time or enjoy an attraction for the first time. Being able to set the pace is a huge plus that only SOLO Disney guests care truly enjoy.


There are some negative aspects that I have to bring up. Ive personally experienced these sad “moments” but I thinks its important to know before you travel solo to WDW.

You may find yourself wishing your family was with you during the follow situations. The first one is when  going on your favorite attractions. You don’t realize what a difference it makes having someone you know, a friend, your son/daughter, or your spouse there to share the rides experiences. I love going on Splash Mountain with Bella so the first time I did a solo trip, it became actually a sad moment. Right before the drop, Bella always lowers her head and hides behind me. Just not having that literally put a damper on my normally fun ride.  EATING. Yes eating with a loved one is great especially at WDW. The first time you sit down and notice how everyone is with someone, it can be a downer. You may even feel out of place because there is  a stereotype that WDW is for families only, although recent studies have shown there is a growing trend of solo travelers. And finally that moment you head back to your resort at night and talk about all the things you did during the day. Being able to recap all those WOW moments with your family will be missed.

So what should you do? I believe if you have the chance, you should at least try to go at it solo. Doing that will enable you to experience WDW in a whole new way.  You will be able to do things you’ve  never been able to do before. But if you are used to being there with family and/or friends you may not be able to enjoy a solo trip. Those moments that make a family WDW trip amazing, wont be there and for some that could eliminate any possible solo missions to WDW.


IMG_20130901_122656_743Have you been to WDW ALONE?  Please leave a comment and tell us the positive and negative moments you’ve experienced while going solo.






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