Add A Little More “Magic” to Your Disney Memories

Snap066This year, Disney decided to give a gift of unlimited Disney PhotoPass photo downloads as a benefit for Disney Platinum, Platinum Plus and Gold Annual Pass-Holders. Since I’m a “local” and a Disney Platinum Plus Pass-Holder I totally take advantage of this perk. It’s great, I feel like I have my own team following me around to catch me in one of my magic moments. It’s fun and easy and you can find many photographers ready to snap a professional memory for you.  Now once in a while, I would be asked by the photographer to point down or put my bent arm out and point to it, or throw my hands up in the air and act surprised. People passing by look at the crazy posture and wonder “what the heck is this guy doing“.  Snap006At first, we had no clue what was happening, but I’m a sporty guy and I just went with it. When you are all done posing, you just tap your MagicBand on the Photographers scanner and wait a few hours to get them uploaded to your account. I can’t wait and run home to download the photos. The PhotoPass site let’s you add some magic of your own and choose from fancy borders, effects, to stickers based on the theme parks or specific attractions. Disney even provides you with some canned movies and some professional canned photographs. I use them for the background of my desktop. Snap061

After I download my photos to my device, I can’t wait to see what the “Magic” was all about. Each time I get to experience the excitement of seeing Stitch coming out of a hole in the ice, or Tinkerbell hovering over my head or even Olaf playing a trick on me! It’s different each time and is Disney Magic at its best. Don’t forget to ask if you can have some “Magic“, it’s not always offered and can’t be done when it gets dark outside.

You can find photographers placed strategically throughout each of the parks with their camera’s ready to snap.PhotoPass_Visiting_Epcot_7699201750 You can run into long lines at peak times due to the popularity of it.Snap014 (2) So get out your acting ability and strike some crazy poses. It will remind you of all the fun you had at Disney when you go back to reality.


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