Pray For Orlando!

In recognition and memory of the tragic events that occured in Orlando this past week, I wanted to share my Facebook post from the other day.

My heart aches for my home state of Florida and the city I call “home”- Orlando. I want to watch the news and learn as much as I can about this terrible event, as so many others do during times of crisis. It just makes me cry every time though. I am truly scared for this world. Too much senseless violence. Too much pain and suffering. As a mother, I am scared of what Kayla’s future might look like. It’s already been hard enough the past almost 10 years trying to explain to her when events like this happen. I try to teach her that not everyone is bad, most people are good. I also teach her though what to do in case something bad happens, which is a scary thing to think about as a parent.  I encourage her to be understanding of others. I think if more adults tried to understand others, the world may become less scary. Yes, people have different ideas, viewpoints, values,  extra…but why do we have to hurt each other? Not only by violence, but also words. Let’s stop fighting so much. Just be compassionate towards someone else. This world needs more love. More hugs. More smiles. Do a small gesture for someone every time, even if you are having the worst day in the world, someone else might be having a more worse one, you never know. I loved seeing the hundreds of pictures of Theme Park employees from all across Orlando today in support of their friends, loved ones, and city. I keep all of my Orlando and Florida friends in my prayers tonight as I know it’s terrible. I wish I could be there and hug each and every one of you.  Please know that I am there in spirit and if you need a friend, I am here.  To all my friends across the world,  I LOVE YOU and God Bless.




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