What to Pack in your Day Bag for the Parks

When I go to WDW I tend to spend the whole day in the park with little stopping, which is why packing a bag for the day is important. I like to pack a small bag, but want to make sure I have everything I need for the day.


These are the things I like to have in my bag for the day:

  • Poncho- rain is common in Orlando during the day, you will want to be prepared by either taking cover in stores/attractions or continue to walk around with your poncho on.
  • Cellphone equipped with the “My Disney Experience” app containing my reservations and FastPasses. This also serves as my camera too.
  • Bandaids- New shoes=blisters. In case you haven’t broken in your shoes enough you might get blisters so its good to have bandaids on hand. I also just found out about moleskin, which I prefer for the spots where I tend to get blisters when walking a lot.
  • Hand sanitizer- let’s be honest, germs are all around and there are a lot of people touching everything so in order to stay healthy use the sanitizer often or wash your hands often.
  • Chapstick with SPF
  • Sunscreen- you want a sunscreen with a high SPF and will want to reapply as often as the instructions say.
  • Compact battery charger with cord for my cellphone- I use my phone for multiple things and the battery can run down throughout the day. Using this, I can charge up my phone while on rides or eating without having to compromise my vacation.
  • Park admission cards/DVC cards/Annual Pass cards/Resort card- although the MagicBand carries all of that information, you want to have the backups with you as well.
  • Cash/Credit cards
  • Sunglasses


Some of the other things you might want to consider carrying:

  • First aid kit- a complete kit rather than just bandaids by themselves.
  • Camera- even though I usually just use my cellphone, sometimes I do carry around my actual camera too.
  • Zip-top bag- if your bag isn’t waterproof you might want to consider a bag for putting your camera/phone into the bag in case your bag gets wet.
  • Snacks- you are allowed to bring snacks into the parks so bring something that is easy to eat but won’t get funny if it’s in the heat.
  • Collapsible water bottle- you can fill at the water fountains around the parks instead of carrying around an actual water bottle with you.


You can be prepared without carrying too much with you. When choosing a bag, pick something that isn’t going to weigh you down but will efficiently hold everything you need. At the end of the day decide on what you did and didn’t actually need so you can slim down your bag for the next day.


Enjoy your days in the parks!

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