Won’t Be Groggy Here: Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto


Trader Sam’s “Grog Grotto”  is a Tiki bar located at Walt Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The Polynesian Resort is one of Disney’s older resorts.  It’s tropical as the name implies. I’ve been going there with my family since it opened in 1971. It’s a beautiful tropical paradise with palm trees, torches, and the tastes of the tropics. Trader Sam’s “Grog Grotto” is of course tropical . It’s very unique. It’s fun. It’s Polynesian. It’s Unusually Unique. By now you must be biting at the bit to hear more. It offers appetizers, non-alcoholic drinks, specialty cocktails and white and red wines. The Mosquito Mojito was deliciously groggy!

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It’s a fun place for adults, young adults and older children. There’s so much going on at one time. It’s dark inside with some seats at the bar and some lounges with tables. It’s a fun atmosphere. Just like all Disney employees the staff ” the cast members are trained to be a whole lot of fun and provide the guests with a good time. I went with my daughter, granddaughter and my husband. There was something for each of us. We originally sat at the bar until seats opened up on the lounges. It was a good time and lots going on. It’s a very busy tiki bar. Unfortunately We had to wait after we put our name in. They gave us a buzzer that lit up when there was a table or space available at the bar. No children allowed at the bar ! It’s located where the old arcade was next to Captain Cooks. There are special drinks that come in special mugs that you can take home. There are different lighting effects that go off periodically.

There is an outside area with ample seating where you can still take advantage of the tropical drinks and food.


It was raining the day we went so there was no one sitting outside. Siting outside is fine but all the activities are going on inside. If you’re going you might as well enjoy the activities going on inside. That’s where all the fun is. I’m assuming you want to be where the fun is like we wanted to. Just remember kids are allowed in, up until 8 pm. They are not allowed to sit at the bar. My granddaughter was not allowed so we waited for a lounge away from the bar. It’s DARK  inside to create an inviting atmosphere for what is to come.

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After 8 pm it’s 21 or older. It’s dark inside so that you still get the feeling they are projecting if you go early before 8 pm. It serves things on the menu like Headhunter Sushi Roll, Kahlua Pork Tacos. You need to check the schedule and the times. We waited about an hour to get in, but I heard sometime it could be a few hours. So put you name in and walk around the resort and enjoy the ambiance of the resort. The shopping is great with lots of tropical wear and great sunglasses too. There are lots of photo ops while you’re waiting but it’s worth the wait. The Cast Members put on quite a show just like you would expect, nothing less than Disney at its Best. The Skippers and the Bartenders are all a part of the fun awaiting you. The Grog is Good! The Grotto is dark! Grab an appetizer and enjoy “Trader Sams” ! It’s different! Just remember”You’re never too old to be young” !


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