To Disney Infinity and Beyond


Disney Infinity 1, 2, and 3
Disney Infinity 1, 2, and 3

Just a short while ago two of my little Disney princesses asked me could they play Disney Infinity. Well it was passed their bedtime so I told them no. If I would’ve know that Disney Infinity was going to stop production, I might have let them play anyway.


I have to admit that the news of Disney Infinity being discontinued caught me by surprise. I was under the impression that Disney Infinity was going to continue on for a longer time. In 2015, there was talk about Disney Infinity at the D23 expo. There was also an event called the Toy Box Summit which focused on player created content and creating a community. With all the interaction from Disney and the fans, it almost seems tragic for things to end.  Apparently the business model for the Disney to create video games “in-house” was flawed.

CJ playing Disney Infinity
CJ playing Disney Infinity


In spite of making over 200 million in sales from the Disney Infinity 3.0 based around the Star Wars property, there were other factors that contributed to its end. I feel the biggest issue was product overreaching. Because there was such a shortage for Disney Infinity 1.0 consoles and figures, it lead to overproduction with Disney Infinity moving forward. For example, it was said that 2 million Hulk figures were produced, but only about half of them were sold. A similar issue came in the form of characters like Nova (hero from Ultimate Spider-man playset) or Yondu (character from Guardians of the Galaxy movie playset). Supporting characters like these ended up not selling in high volumes. These examples were just with the Marvel property. Similar issue came arose from the other properties including Disney Princesses and Star Wars. It makes since to me now that I saw Disney Infinity 3.0 consoles and figures at a few different dollar store locations in the past couple of weeks before the announcement.



wdw infinity (3)
Merida and Iron Man…where are the stormtroopers?

Several online sources claim that Disney Infinity had plans through 2017 to produce a new console and figures for Cars 3, Star Wars VIII, Thor: Ragnorok, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Rogue One: a Star Wars story, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell No Tales.  The new console was also set to include a Toy Box story mode. There are rumored plans of new 12 inch tall figures as well. The biggest complaint with Disney Infinity was the issue with different properties “crossing over.” For example having Merida and Iron Man fighting stormtroopers on the Death Star. According to speculation, this was an issue that was planning to be addressed with the next console.


While Disney has shut down its production of Disney Infinity, there is still the hope for the fans. Besides the vast online community of players designing using the Toy Box, there is still the chance for licensing. Disney might license its properties to other video game companies minimizing their risk. The future for Disney Infinity is still an open book. Only time will tell how the story will go.

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