Disney Infinity Cancelled

I never thought I would see this happen. Apparently, a lot of other people were just as confused and upset by Disney’s announcement. For those who have not heard, Disney has decided to cancel any new Disney Infinity projects and completely close Avalanche Software that developed and ran the servers for the online portions of the game. If you’re a Disney fan like me, I loved Disney Infinity. I have just about every play set, except the Marvel ones. I think Disney did a great job with this game and I’m definitely going to sad that no new play sets will be coming out.


The good news is that you will still be able to play the game on your console. The only things that will be missing are the online components eventually. You can still create and play in your Toy Box, but the sharing of Toy Boxes and submitting them to Disney will soon be gone.

Another plus side to this is for anyone who has held out on buying tons of additional characters, power discs, etc. due to the cost. Stores like Game Stop and even eBay, will most likely be selling used pieces for dirt cheap now that the game is dead. So stock up!

I myself probably won’t spend anymore money on this game. I believe there are a few play sets still being released that are newer like Finding Dory, Through the Looking Glass, and Captain America. But after those, Disney Infinity is done.

Disney has two successful new games for mobile devices currently out now that are doing well. Magic Kingdoms and Disney Emoji Blitz have been quite popular. I like both games and have them on my phone, but I find myself falling out of love with them quickly. Magic Kingdoms is a super fun game that has a lot of potential for long game play. The missions are just too long. Unlocking new characters like Aurora and Donald Duck simply take entirely way too long. I’ve been trying to unlock Donald Duck for almost a month now. Crazy! Emoji Blitz is your typical match 3 or more game, like Candy Crush. It’s fun, and unlocking all of the different emojis is cool, but using them is a pain in the butt. I find myself not even using the emojis I unlock just because it takes too long.

Who knows what new console games Disney will develop next, but I sure hope they do continue to do so. While I enjoy their mobile device games, I really like having a good consol game to play too.

What are your thoughts on Disney Infinity being cancelled?

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