Fun Facts – Disney World’s Cinderella Castle

When I think of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic Cinderella Castle. So, listed below I have comprised some interesting and fun facts about Cinderella’s Castle.


  • The construction of the castle was completed in July 1971 and it opened to the public on October 1, 1971.
  • Herbert Ryman’s rendering of Cinderella’s Castle included elements in the design of the Castle Neushwanstein in Bavaria, Fontainbleu in Versailles, Moszna Castle in Poland, Alcazar of Segovia in Spain, and Tyn Church in Prague.
  • The castle was built in steel and concrete.
  • The exterior of the castle was originally painted in gray, blue, and gold.
  • At 189 feet in height is the tallest structure in the Magic Kingdom.
  • A moat with 3.37 million gallons of water surrounds the castle.
  • The castle has 29 numbered towers. However, the nos. 13 and 17 were deleted prior to construction as it was realized that they would not be able to be seen.
  • The castle has 18 pre-fabricated spires and 13 gargoyles.
  • Disney artist Dorothea Redmond designed the 5 mosaic murals located in the castle archway comprised of approximately 500 colors and a million pieces of glass fused with 14K gold and silver.
  • The gateway to the main hall of the castle has a permanently raised iron gate.
  • Blain Gibson sculpted birds and mice from the Cinderella film on the columns of the walkways around the forecourt to the castle.
  • The castle has a built in two bedroom guest suite that is four stories above the park.
  • The castle has a penthouse that was originally meant to be used as an apartment for Walt Disney and his family. The apartment was not completed at the time of Walt Disney’s Death in 1966. So, it was turned into a work area for switchboard operators of Vista United Telecommunications. Today, it is used as dressing rooms for entertainers performing at the castle Forecourt Stage.
  • Inside the castle is a sit down restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table but, it is not the original name of the establishment. The original name of the restaurant was King Stefan’s Banquet Hall (October 1, 1971 to April 28, 1997).
  • The coat of arms that are on display in Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant are a tribute to individuals who had an impact on the development of the Walt Disney Company.
  • On September 10, 2007 the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique opened its doors for business inside the castle.



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