Patiently waiting for a new & magical attraction at Walt Disney World

I’m just back from my WDW vacation from September 7th thru September 13th. It was another amazing and exciting WDW trip. You can always count on Disney to keep a clean and friendly environment. The food is always great and they are adding new items and additional restaurants. Visiting Disney during September and October you get to see all the Halloween decorations and if you choose to pay, you get to enjoy Mickey’s Not So Scary Party which, I did attend. Yes, It was a great event. I love visiting Disney especially since they’ve been creating new attractions during the last 5 years. They are also expanding Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. But before those expansions are completed, Disney (in my view) haven’t created those special attractions that Disney is known for. Let’s talk about this.

I personally believe Splash Mountain is one of  the best overall attractions at Walt Disney World.  For whatever reason, Disney hasn’t been able to create the magic they’ve shown us with this ride. This is very concerning to me because Disney has given us new attractions since then and they haven’t been able to repeat the magic from this attraction.

Splash Mountain opened on October 2nd 1992. Believe it or not, it took roughly 18 months to build. This is now unheard of. Never the less, this attraction is what Disney is all about. From the very beginning, the ride is exciting. You are in constant “fear” and anticipation of the big drop. The animatronics are simple yet they work so well. The music is great and the characters fit perfectly. The ride doesn’t RUSH you through the scenes. I know there may be a logistical reason, but now a days Disney creates rides that race you through each scene. Splash Mountain is amazing because you get to enjoy each scene and enjoy the music and yet its still thrilling and exciting. You get to see how Br’er Rabbit wants some adventure yet his friends are telling him its dangerous and he should stay with his family and where it is safe. The attractions is done so well you always feel like you are side by side with Br’er Rabbit and get to enjoy all his thrills and discoveries. Then, just as you start to think you are safe, the mood changes. The music becomes “evil” and you hear and see those vultures warning you to turn back. As you begin to climb, you realize this is IT. You see poor Br’er Rabbit tied up and realize you also are going to be getting in “trouble” because you now have to deal with a 50ft fall! BAMMM, you are falling and hit the bottom! You get wet, not soaked but just wet enough to help during those hot Florida days. Normally you would think, hey this was a good attraction and its over. But NOT SPLASH MOUNTAIN!  You still go back inside the mountain and see and hear everyone singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” It’s another magical scene with more animatronics. It’s a perfect ending to an amazing attraction. Disney created an amazing ride. Disney is know for creating rides like this and other great rides like Haunted Mansion and Thunder Mountain. But I feel that since Splash, Disney hasn’t been able to create that “Special” ride that EVERYONE will talk about for years to come.

On my recent visit, I was finally able to ride the new Frozen attraction. It was very good. I feel like the music is great, the new animatronics are amazing. But yet it feels rushed and just created so Disney had a frozen ride. My huge issue is that Disney COULD HAVE created a great attraction that Frozen deserved yet they used the same track from a previous attraction and just gutted it and made it into Frozen. Frozen made over a billion dollars yet Disney decided to create a quick attraction that is so fast that you truly can’t enjoy the story its trying to tell you. Again, Disney decided to find the cheapest way to create a “new” attraction.

Don’t get me wrong. I love visiting Walt Disney World and I’m really excited about the new expansions and new entertainments coming. This was just a look into my main concern on where Disney was heading. In my view this is a huge test for Disney. Can they catch the magic they had with Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion and all the great attractions they created or will they continue their “bad” habit of creating a rushed attraction when they could be creating another top notch attraction. Only time will tell. Lets hope I won’t be patiently waiting for a new and magical attraction at Disney World for much longer.


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