Matthew at WDW – A trip interrupted by a Hurricane

We were in the middle of our Adult only trip – just my DH and I when Hurricane Matthew decided to interrupt our trip. We had come in on Monday October 3 and kept watching the weather reports – Do we leave? Do we stay. We decided to stay. ( You should know me a little bit by now).

We moved on Wednesday October 5 to the Polynesian DVC Deluxe Studios and were happy with our room. Look at this amazing view.




Our room was steps away from the TTC and the Monorail and we were able to park our rental car close to our room.  We decided to hunker down.

I had a Fishing Excursion planned for DH on Thursday but had to break it to him on Tuesday night that it would happen on Wednesday – it was supposed to be a surprise for his birthday but due to the weather coming I had to tell him.  The Boardwalk Concierge helped me move it.   (I will write about this in another blog).

So Wednesday morning he experienced the four hour Fishing Excursion in beautiful weather at the Yacht and Beach Club , we had lunch at ESPN (for the second time) and moved to the Poly.   We drove to the Poly around 1p and went right to our room with our magic bands – online check in went very smoothly this trip.   We hung out at the pool and the weather was still beautiful.   That evening we had an early Dinner at California Grill by just hopping on the monorail and then took a DVC Member Exclusive Wishes Cruise (which was phenomenal by the way)from the Contemporary dock and then went to the MK for my last viewing of Main Street Electrical Parade (boo).

The next morning was Thursday and we knew the storm was coming.  I was up early due to worrying about the storm coming.  I called American Airlines at 5am.  They were phenomenal.  They changed our flight from leaving Saturday with an itinerary of going from  MCO to Miami (which we thought would be right into the storm) and then to Boston to Leaving Sunday am to DCA then Logan Airport.  They were so helpful.  We were at MK for EMH morning and the opening show.  It rained off/on lightly throughout the day.   At the MK, I was able to call DVC and book another room for Saturday night – booking a 2br BLT Theme Park View – what a treat!!! (I will write about this later).    It was hard to get through on the phones but used my DVC Guide Todd to help me get through.

At the MK, We did everything we wanted to do around 1p and left  While at the Park, we heard all WDW Parks were going to close at 5pm.   We went back to our room and heard via our phone system in the resort that box lunches needed to be bought for preparation for the Hurricane.  We ate a normal lunch at Captain Cook’s and  I went and stood in line for about 35 minutes for the box lunch – Big Kahuna sandwich, apple, in mine was skittles, chips and a water costing $12.99 each.  There was no mayonnaise to add to the sandwiches.  I also go a few extra things for us a cinnamon bun, extra water and a cupcake and upstairs at the gift shop beer and wine –  necessities.   The Poly had to restock the alcohol in the gift shop at one point.  While there, I asked about our Kona Reservation for that night and our Ohana rese for the next night.  Kona was operating that night Thursday on a limited menu with our reservations and they weren’t sure about Ohana’s.

So, that night we ventured over to the Great Ceremonial House early for our reservation.  We got our beeper as usual.  They said the wait would be about an hour.    We went to the Tamu lounge and had the first negative CM we have ever had.  We sat at the bar and the bar tender said to us when I asked for a drink he said “No.  This is last call.”  In a very rude manner.  When asked another CM who was the manager – he wasn’t that Disneyish either said “No we will reopen.  We are trying to get these cast members home”.  Ok, fine.  But then proceeded to serve someone who hadn’t been waiting as long as us for service.  My husband actually got up and went across the lobby to get himself a beer from the store.  He ended up serving me and giving me a free drink but this didn’t sit well.  I understand that someone needs to get home to their family so we didn’t make a stink, but he didn’t have to be so rude.   Our dinner at Kona was delicious.   After, we walked back to our room, and it was beginning to rain pretty hard off/on.   We did some laundry – thinking others would be doing it tomorrow and went to sleep.

This is what we woke up to Friday Morning October 7

october-2016-blog6 october-2016-blog9 october-2016-blog-7


Friday we knew we would be in and we had prepared ourselves and I really think Disney tried to prepare us by calling us on our room phones with updates.  I loved to see the light blinking when an update was on our phone.  I also used Twitter and Facebook to get updates.  We read, slept, ate and drank.  We had power the entire day.  We were told all power was underground. The box lunch was disgusting I have to say.   At around 12, we saw people venturing out so we did too.  We went to the GCH and found Character Dance Parties and activities for the kids.  At 2pm the curfew was lifted and we were told Disney Springs would open up.  I’m glad we didn’t venture there. I heard from others it was a mad house there.

Ohana’s had a buffet almost the whole entire day for us.  It was not cheap but cheaper than the character breakfast.   We spent about $60 for brunch and about the same for dinner.  My only disappointment was we had an ADR for Ohana’s Friday night that I got at 180 days prior.  The food was good but not what Ohana’s normally is – I did get a little bread pudding but it wasn’t served the normal way.

Until late afternoon, the only gift shop open was the one upstairs with limited shopping.  The downstairs gift shop opened sometime after 2pm.    When we went by Trader Sam’s after Dinner it wasn’t open and would have liked to go there.  The pools also opened sometime after the curfew lifted.

The CMs were so awesome.  They were helpful and cheery and we never felt unsafe – thank goodness.  All in all – would I want a storm like this on my vacation – no but Disney did the best they could with the situation.  I was also amazed at the way everything just opened up the next day like it normally does.  We actually had a nice day together relaxing.  We are DVC members so we knew whatever we didn’t get to this trip we would next trip.  Besides, we were lucky to get to stay an extra day. 🙂

See how fun the CMs were and our view from our Ohana’s lunch around noon.  It was beginning to clear, although it remained windy and rainy throughout the day.



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