Disney Springs is in the Holiday Spirit with A Christmas Tree Trail and Drones!

Disney SpringsI think Disney Springs should be designated as the newest Disney World Theme park! There’s tons of things to do and even balloon and boat rides, so why not??? There have been so many changes to it since 1975 when it was called Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village and the most recent updates are still in progress. There are now 4 distinct areas: West Side, the Landing, the Marketplace, and Town Center which are easily accessible by boat and car. The New parking areas, Orange and Lime are so easy to get to and give tons more availability. I no longer get stuck in traffic on Exit 68 and head to Exit 67, take the “Disney Springs” exit and head directly into the Orange Parking Lot! It’s so easy!!

Now that we got through Thanksgiving and head into the Christmas season, Disney Springs has been magically img_1949_editedtransformed into a Holiday attraction. The shops are festooned with Holiday cheer! The restaurants are warm, inviting and cozy. You can hear pop carolers singing in the distance. There’s a Town Square Christmas tree lighting ceremony each night that rivals any of the trees in the four theme parks and two water parks. There’s even a fun DJ dance party to get your blood going while you sip hot chocolate at Ghirardelli’s. Don’t forget to take a photo with Santa himself at “Santa’s Chalet”. To make it easier, you can check in at the podium and get a pager so that you don’t have to wait on a long 2 hour line anymore! If you think that’s all there is, then look up in the sky at 7:30 and 8:30 to be amazed by the unique Starbright Holidays Light Show. Disney teamed up with Intel design a unique show featuring 300 Intel Shooting Star Show Drones that change color and position to form different Holiday Icons while synced to some fantastic holiday music. Disney went far and above for this wonderful show. It’s only a 5 minute presentation so make sure you find a good spot before the show starts.

Happy Holidays and thank you Disney World for making it the most special Holiday season ever!


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Donald McCloskey

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