Walt’s 115th Birthday Celebration!

Hi my friends! Tonight I attended a special celebration! I just had to share with you!

December 5, 1901 – Walter Elias Disney was born in a humble 2 floor home in Chicago. His father had built the house and his mother had drawn up the floor plans! The Disney family lived here before moving to Marceline in 1906.


December 5, 2016 – I drove about 20 minutes north of downtown Chicago into the neighborhood of Hermosa. I arrived at the house, located at 2156 N. Tripp Ave. and walked up to the house on the corner.

Signs made by neighborhood schoolchildren lined the fence surrounding the home. A small crowd was gathering. News cameras were setting up. I was giddy with excitement. This was THE house where my idol, my inspiration, the man I admired and appreciated lived! I could NOT believe it!


Check out The Walt Disney Birthplace for more information!

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A short and sweet birthday celebration took place starting at 5:30pm! Local schoolchildren sang holiday songs and led the crowd of over 100 in a rousing “Happy Birthday” to Walt! I teared up while singing, being the Disney fanatic I am. It was a very surreal moment.

Walt’s granddaughter even made a special appearance and thanked everyone for the continuing support of her Grandfather’s dream of creating magic! That was incredible!

“Although they came from nothing, they achieved greatness. Every child who grows up in Chicago should know that this could happen to them. That if they have a dream and they follow that dream they can achieve their dreams,” said Todd Regan executive director at the Walt Disney Birthplace. 

Walt himself even made a special appearance! This was overwhelming for me! I got to stand next to Walt in front of his birthplace in a city we both grew up in! It felt like my love of Disney had come full circle.


At the end of the birthday celebration we had cake! Everyone was very joyous and enjoyed sharing the life of a great man on his 115th birthday!


The light was lit in Walt’s bedroom on the 2nd floor! This was symbolic of him being HOME.


A tribute for an amazing, inspiring, magical family! The corner intersection was dedicated Honorary Disney Family Avenue.

Thank you to The Walt Disney Birthplace for hosting this magical birthday celebration! It was an evening I won’t forget.

Thanks for joining me tonight! Have a magical week!

Please check out Mr. Frank T. Farrell, aka Walt Disney, on his YouTube channel. He was an extremely wonderful gentleman who was kind enough to share some stories with myself and two other Disney fans afterwards. He portrays Walt Disney according to how old he (Frank) is at the present time, which is amazing as he is able to progress along with Walt during his life! Thank you sir for your inspiring words!

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