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Disney vacations are expensive.  There is an endless number of options to choose when planning the perfect vacation.  It can be terribly overwhelming, especially for first time visitors.  The amount of information available online is vast and sometimes it is just easier to find someone else who can give you answers to all of your questions; maybe that’s why you’ve visited WDW Fan Zone today.

Got dining questions? No problem! Answers are free!

Please know that there are a lot of services that are willing and ready to take your hard earned money in exchange for giving you information or providing services that Disney Parks or an approved Disney Travel Agent will provide for FREE.  There is no reason anyone should to pay someone to book dining or Fast Pass reservations, learn about vegan or allergy friendly dining, or help you decide what resort hotel is best for you and your family.   Check out the list below for ways to get FREE help while planning your Disney vacation.

WDW Fan Zone sponsor, MEI/Mouse Fan Travel is highly recommended, especially if you are ready to book your vacation.  They are knowledgeable, friendly, have been trained and are approved to answer ANY question you have.  Their fee free booking services are the best, hands down.  Ask just about any WDW Fan Zone writer, we all use Becky Menken and MEI/Mouse Fan Travel.

WDW Fan Zone is a great place for information.  I can’t think of a topic our wonderful writers haven’t covered or we haven’t talked about on one of the podcasts.  Our website is searchable so you should be able to find whatever you need in a jiffy.

Selecting Fast Passes is FREE!

Facebook Groups are another great way to get information, but verify anything you’ve read there first.  The groups are full of friendly folks who love to share their opinions.  Take their advice after you’ve verified the information given.

No fact checking is needed if you just visit the Walt Disney World website or use the My Disney Experience app for smartphones.  Yes, there can be a bit of a learning curve, but if you just take a moment to read the instructions and information presented, you can save yourself a ton of money.  Check out the Disney Parks Mom’s Panel section of the website for answers to specific questions or submit your own question if you can’t find an answer.

If you have lots and lots of money to give away, I can give you my address; otherwise, one of these absolutely free options is great for getting the information you need to plan an amazing Disney vacation.  If you choose to use a paid service, make sure they are authorized by Disney; merely having “Disney” in their name doesn’t make them valid.  Check references before submitting payment to ensure you aren’t being scammed.  Safe & happy travels!

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