Princess 2017 Costumes!

Just a week left until I fly to Orlando for Princess Half Marathon Weekend! With time getting close I had to lock down my costumes for the 5k and 10k. This year’s weekend has a Beauty and the Beast theme so my running buddy and I settled on coordinating Belle outfits for the 5k. I didn’t want to do Belle two days in a row and have already done Ariel and didn’t want to have to buy a new sparkle skirt so I decided on Snow White for my 10k. She was my potential other princess last year so I already have a yellow skirt which will work perfectly for both Belle and Snow!

My shirts for both races are from my FAVORITE store, Raw Threads! If you have not checked out this amazing company yet be sure to pop by at the Expo next week. Before my first event every time I saw a picture on social media of a costume I loved, the shirt was always from Raw Threads. Believe it or not even more amazing than the designs which are great for Disney races, is the delightfully soft fabric. I won’t share here the number of Raw Threads items in my closet now, but I wear it almost exclusively when not in work clothes these days.

My skirt is from the fun and flirty Sparkle Athletic. When you hear about race skirts you most commonly hear people talk about “sparkle skirts” and when you hear this they usually mean one of two things – either Sparkle Athletic or another company called Sparkle Skirts. I’ve yet to buy anything from Sparkle Skirts yet for a couple reasons. First, they are quite a bit more money than Sparkle Athletic. Second, I’m not sure I’d like their combo short/skirt. I worry about fit, feel, riding up (even though they say they won’t). I am very intrigued by their ample pockets – but not enough to try it yet. So for now I’m loving my Sparkle Athletic skirts. They are lightweight, sparkly, and perfect for sliding over my favorite running capris!

I’ve also got headbands for both outfits from Raw Threads. For shoes for my 10k I plan to use my hot pink New Balance 880s. Not quite a matching look, but for my first 10k I think its more important to wear the running shoes I got fitted for at my local Fleet Feet store. I’m still debating shoes for the 5k. When I got my Red Carpet Minnie shoes at last year’s Expo I thought they’d also make great Belle shoes. And they totally would. But if I’ve got my pink NB with me…..maybe I’ll just wear those. Decisions Decisions.

5K outfit! Shirt and Headband from Raw Threads, Skirt from Sparkle Athletic, Shoes from New Balance. My running partner will be wearing the Blue version of this shirt and some coordinating items. So the pair of us will be “formal” Belle in her ballgown and “casual belle” in her blue dress!
10k Outfit! Shirt and Headband from Raw Threads, Skirt from Sparkle Athletic, Shoes from New Balance

Are you planning on attending Princess weekend? Wearing a costume? Who are your favorite’s for picking up costume items?

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