The New Magic Bands

My collection – old and new

I’ve just received my Magic Band for my upcoming trip and was very excited to receive the new style. Until I’m actually utilizing it in the parks, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to think about it, but it’s always fun to try something new.

Here are some of my thoughts regarding the new design of the Magic Bands:

– It seems to weigh less than the previous version. Although I don’t own a scale that will actually weigh anything this small, it definitely feels lighter to me.

– When measuring the new band against the old one, the new band appears to be just a smidge smaller in diameter. Since the bands are adjustable anyway, and for quite a range of wrist sizes, I don’t see this to be a problem at all.

– They seem more stylish to me. Just my opinion I realize, but with the new oval face they appear to look more like a watch or some other piece of jewelry.

– Of course the biggest change in the Magic Band design is actually the ability to remove the chip and insert it in another band, necklace, lanyard, etc. I don’t officially know if this is true, and honestly didn’t do any research of my own. But I’ve heard that this ability to remove the chip was something people were asking for. Please put this under the rumor column since I’m unclear of the actual facts.

Overall I like the bands. You’ll see from my picture that I have saved every band I’ve received (though there really didn’t seem to be enough there!) and was very excited that I had every color and could therefore change my band every day to match whatever I had on. The negative here was that I was bringing more than I actually needed. Even though my MB’s had their own storage bag, bring them all goes against my constant intent to bring less every trip and not overpack.

A special bag just for Magic Bands!

Another rumor I heard regarding the bands is that because the chip is removable, it will no longer be necessary to receive a brand new band for each trip; when your chip wears out (stops working) you would simply replace the chip itself; not the entire MB. Although I loved having multiple colors of bands, it always seemed wasteful to receive a new band for each trip, particularly when the old one worked just fine. On our last trip in November, the first MB I ever received worked just a good as the latest one I received.

I’ll hold out in making a final decision what I think until actually using the new style on my upcoming trip, but it’s not like Disney would change it back just for me if I don’t like it! Seriously though, I’m not resistant to change, and Disney normally does so much research before implementing something new that I can only assume there were excellent reasons behind making the change.

Side by side comparison

If you’ve used the new style already, please comment and let us know what you think.

Jo Scholl is a long time Walt Disney fan, grateful Disney Vacation Club (DVC) owner, and proud mom to three amazing adult children, one of whom is fellow columnist Shelley Scholl. Jo is also a first time grandma to a new Disney fan, Reese Ann! And she resides with a small black dog named Mickey Mouse!

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